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Take Control

With the New Sidecar

Set Your Own Prices, Create Your Own Network, Make More Money

What is Marketplace?

With Sidecar’s new Marketplace, drivers not only set their own prices based on ride demand and the quality of the service they offer, but can also build a network of loyal riders for which they earn 100% of the payments.


Start Driving

And thanks to the new Marketplace , drivers can now …

2. Set Your Price Based on
the Experience You Offer

But your price shouldn’t just be determined by the level of demand. With Marketplace, you can adjust your price point based on:

Quality of Vehicle

Have a sweet ride? Charge higher prices.

Quality of Vehicle
Quality of Vehicle


Offering coconut water and Pop Chips? Pop your prices up.


Bumper Sticker

Driving to save up for a wedding, birthday, or bat mitzvah? Let your riders know with our “Bumper Sticker” feature and charge a bit more to reach that goal a little sooner.

Bumper Sticker
Bumper Sticker

3. Earn 100% of Payments
from Riders You Refer

Recruit a network of riders and keep 100% of the
payment whenever they ride with you.

  • Personal Code

    Each driver is emailed a Personal Promo Code that tracks your referrals.

  • Share Your Code

    Share your code with family and friends, blast them on your social networks, and hand them out at events to recruit new riders into the Sidecar community.

  • Forever Linked

    Every time one of your referred passengers requests a ride nearby, you’ll be a top recommended driver. When they ride with you, earn 100% of the payment.

5. Increase Your Acceptance Rate, Get More Rides

Move up the recommended list by having a high acceptance rate, awesomeness rating, or by being favorited.

Questions & Answers

Who can drive?

Sidecar is a community powered service. Drivers are friendly, adventurous, active and awesome. They enjoy meeting new people while helping them get from place to place. In addition they have:

  1. 1 A registered vehicle that they are insured to drive
  2. 2 A 2 or 4-door car in great condition built in or after the year 2000
  3. 3A California driver's license, if driving within California
  4. 4A valid driver's license for more than one year
  5. 5and are at least 21 years old

How do I earn money while commuting with Sidecar?

Utilize our Request Radius and Drop-Off filters to see riders that are heading to the same place as you. If you’re already making the journey, you should lower your minimum fare to encourage riders to pick you for their driver.

For more info on how to commute with Sidecar click here.


How do I earn more money by referring riders?

It’s easy to earn money from rider referrals. Every rider who signs up with your unique promo code is now connected to you and has automatically favorited you as a driver. Tweet your code, send an email to your friends with it, pass it out at school, the gym, whatever!

Once someone signs up with your code, you’ll be more likely to be matched up with those riders in the future. You’ll keep 100% of the payments from riders you referred every time they ride with you. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with this promotion.

(In your welcome email, you should have received a unique promo code. If you forgot it, email support@side.cr and we’ll resend it to you.)

How should I use my bumper sticker and photo to get more rides?

Your bumper sticker and photo offer you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the pack. The bumper sticker allows you to display a short description about yourself, your car, or your ride experience. You can upload and change your photo at anytime to reflect what you’ve got going on that night.

Some examples:

  • “Born and raised in LA. Ask me about my favorite spots in town.”
  • “I love to bake and usually have some sweet treats in my ride…”
  • “Saving up for my wedding this summer!”


To use see in detail how to create a bumper stick click here.


Can I set a minimum price?

Yep, with our Minimum Price tool, you can filter out rides thats are below your desired fare amount. (Remember that the higher you set your minimum, the fewer rides you’ll see.)

For more details on how to use the Minimum Price tool, click here.


When should I raise or lower my price?

The good news here: it’s entirely up to you! But don’t worry — we have some tips and suggestions to guide you:

Good times to raise the price:

  • If there is high demand (weekend night, special event, no other cars in area)
  • If you have a nice car (luxury or vintage car, large number of seats)
  • If you are offering a unique experience (fresh baked cookies, neighborhood tours, Batmobile)

Good times to lower the price:

  • When there is low demand (during the daytime, in a neighborhood with lots of drivers)
  • If you have a less-than-amazing vehicle (and make sure it’s clean!)
  • If you want to get more ride volume (i.e. you’re in it to win it and you’re ready to hustle!)

How do I set my own price?

You can set your own price anytime via our Price Multiplier tool. The Price Multiplier takes our current recommended payment amount and either increases or reduces your own price based on your preferences.

To help inform your decision, we’ll always tell you the average price of rides that are being filled in your area to help you decide what to be charging. If you trust the flow of the market, feel free to automatically follow the average price.

For a more detailed explanation, click here.


How do I control which rides I see?

By using your awesome Request Radius, Drop-Off, and Minimum Price Filters, of course! These filters are extremely powerful when used together; you’ll only see the kind of rides you want to give. For more details on how to use them, click here.