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Sidecar is the only app where you name your own price and filter the rides you give. Get the download link and hit the road today!

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How it Works

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    Set your own price.

    Sidecar is the only ridesharing driver app where drivers price themselves, so you'll stay competitive and get more rides.

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    Filter your ride requests.

    Use Sidecar's unique request filters to only see the rides you want to give. You'll stay busy and make more money.

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    Grow your rider base.

    Recruit riders with our driver tools and jump to the top of a rider's list with Favorites and awesome ratings.

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You're in control.

Sidecar is the only driver’s app that puts you in control. See how our tools help you stay busy and make the most money.

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    Price Multiplier & Minimum Price

    Make the money you deserve by setting a base rate for your service; make even more by adjusting your price.

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    Pickup Radius & Dropoff Filter

    Stay in the busiest parts of town by setting the maximum distance you want to drive to pick up and drop off your riders.

Be yourself and earn more.

Highlight your personality, connect with riders and grow your business.

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    Use photos and write a Bumper Sticker to let riders know why your ride is special.

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    Favorites and great ratings move you up the list whenever riders need a ride.

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    Refer riders with your promo code and keep 100% of the price every time they ride.

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We're all in this together.

The first of its kind, Sidecar’s peer-to-peer transportation network has helped connect millions to share rides.

We’re people-powered and growing every day.


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