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Our Case to #defendsharing

This morning SideCar filed a lawsuit against the City of Austin. We don’t think ridesharing is in violation of Austin’s Transportation Code and we’ve asked the court to decide so we can bring the benefits of rideshare to the citizens of Austin.

The future of rideshare in Austin is at stake. Help us #defendsharing and sign our petition on

SideCar v. The City of Austin, Texas

We believe the Austin Transportation Department has misinterpreted its City Code and that rideshare is legal and protected under Austin transportation law. We’re going to defend this in court because:

  • SideCar is not a transportation service. SideCar is a technology platform that enables peer-to-peer ridesharing.
  • The City Code regulates “chauffeured vehicles”. We don’t own or operate vehicles, dispatch drivers or mandate shifts.
  • The City Code regulates “chauffeured vehicles” for a fee. Members of the SideCar rideshare community pay what they want and it’s voluntary.
  • SideCar is protected under federal law.

If the City of Austin moves forward with impounding the vehicles of our rideshare community, we think they’re the ones breaking the law.

This lawsuit is bigger than Austin, Texas. What happens here matters for the entire sharing economy. Sharing resources is not a crime – it’s a solution for a better and more sustainable way of life. Rideshare is good for Austin and we’re going to defend this position in Austin City Court.