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The New Sidecar Has Arrived

What if you could pick your perfect ride?

You already know Sidecar is the only rideshare app that shows riders the price up front. We can do that because our drivers know exactly where their passengers are going before they even get into the car.

What if we took that even further? What if Sidecar gave you, our drivers and riders, the controls to find exactly the ride you want at the price you decide?

Welcome to the new Sidecar! Today, two years after rolling out the world’s first instant rideshare service, we’re accelerating with the launch of our community marketplace, where you can find a shared ride for every occasion and every price point.

Choose Your Ride at the Price You Decide

We believe travel isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition. Think of when you fly, for example. You’ve become accustomed to choosing different airlines based on time, distance, price and experiences like movies or in-flight Wi-Fi.

With the new Sidecar, you’ll also have travel options. Now you can choose your ride based on price, when it will arrive, the driver’s ratings, or the type of vehicle and the service they provide. Our drivers work hard to create the perfect ride for you by offering unique experiences and amenities like water, phone chargers and your choice of music. Sidecar even lets you “favorite” drivers who are exceptionally awesome, and they’ll be prioritized in your list of options when you request a ride.

MKT Rider 1MKT Rider 2

As always, Sidecar prices are super competitive and you always know the price up front. Which means, unlike other services, there are no surprises when your receipt arrives.

Make More Money Than Any Other Service as a Driver

Sidecar is already the easiest way for drivers to monetize the extra space in their car. The new Sidecar disrupts urban transportation even further. Drivers are no longer faceless cars on a map randomly assigned to a rider. As a Sidecar driver you have the tools to stand out based on the experience you offer, so riders pick you and you make more money.

MKT Driver 1MKT Driver 2

You can now differentiate yourself by the picture of your car, your profile photo, or your amazing attitude and the service you provide. Sidecar’s new “bumper sticker” gives you the ability to advertise what’s great about your ride and increases your chance of getting chosen by riders. Drivers that provide the best service will be favorited by the most riders. This will lead to higher ride demand for drivers who provide the most awesome rider experience.

It’s so easy to make money with the new Sidecar, it will quickly become the #1 choice for every driver, from professional to casual, who wants to earn money with their car.

It’s Go Time: Union Square Ventures Backs Sidecar

Today, we’re also excited to announce that we’ve received investments from the amazing teams Union Square Ventures to accelerate in this new direction. Fred Wilson and the talented team at USV are known for their successful investments in marketplaces of highly engaged people. (Check out Fred’s blog for his post today about the investment.) This funding will go toward building out the infrastructure to scale Sidecar to become the largest transportation network created for and powered by everyday people.

Ride on!