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Sidecar Expands Shared Rides to Chicago and San Diego

Chicago and San Diego, your Shared Ride has arrived! Starting today, you can share a ride with someone heading your way and cut your cost in half. Shared Rides are not only #cheaperthan your taxi ride, they’ll get you across town for just a bit more than the cost of public transit or your morning cappuccino. As always, Sidecar gives you the exact price up front, so you always know the cost of your ride.

RIDE FREE this week!

Request a Shared Ride Monday – Thursday 5pm – 11pm and all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and your ride is free up to $25.

We know price is the #1 factor when choosing a ride — it’s why we began testing Shared Rides in the first place. Since we began trying them out in SF last May, people have overwhelmingly responded: riders have been taking advantage of Shared Rides’ unbeatable prices daily, for everything from their morning commute to their weekend errands.

In fact, by year’s end Shared Rides will account for 30% of all rides in San Francisco.

Shared Rides are good for our cities

Shared Rides are about more than saving money: they’re awesome for our cities, too. Shared Rides help reduce traffic and pollution by lowering the number of cars on the road.  Sidecar is already a popular choice for neighborhoods underserved by taxis and transit. Now, with Shared Rides, everyone will have more affordable transportation options.

We’re looking forward to bringing Shared Rides, and their many benefits, to Chicago and San Diego… and soon, nationwide!