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Sidecar Deliveries: Seven Months In

Last week news broke that Sidecar has moved to a deliveries first model. What deliveries first means is that almost our entire company is focused on innovation in the on-demand delivery space, just as we were on rideshare before it. On-demand is poised to take over the retail world. It’s already happening in San Francisco with everything available at the tap of a smartphone button. There is growing momentum for hot food and groceries in particular – consumers don’t just want these items on-demand, they’re beginning to expect it. Merchants realize they are going to have to offer this service or they’ll be killed by convenience offered by companies who will own the customer relationship.

We’ve solved the last mile of delivery for merchants. By leveraging our rideshare business, we provide merchants with the fastest, most affordable and scalable on-demand delivery solution on the market. We’re the largest B2B on-demand network in the US and on track to complete 200k deliveries this fall for hundreds of retailers across hot food (with our partner Yelp Eat24 and others), ecommerce, groceries and more.

Now we’re working to solve the first yard. The first yard – from where the product is made to its first mode of transportation – has many inefficiencies. These include complicated pickups, traffic, driver parking and the ability to batch orders. We recently introduced walkers, bicycle couriers and scooters into our delivery network to solve the first yard. The early results are very promising.  Our walkers were able to decrease pickup times by 75%. In the coming weeks we’ll build out our delivery network to include multiple modes of transportation to solve the first yard of delivery. This will create dramatic efficiencies that will result in more money for our drivers, better prices for our merchant partners and faster deliveries and a better experience for the end consumer.