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    What You Need to Know About Shipping a Car

    Perhaps you’ve purchased car online from a seller in another state, or maybe you’re relocating  to a new city or state. Maybe you want to ship a car to a relative. Whatever may be the case, shipping a vehicle long-distance can be costly. However, if you compare the cost of shipping a vehicle, against flying […]

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    10 Tips to Cycle Like a Boss in Traffic

    Cycling in traffic can be quite challenging. Here are some recommended tips to stay safe with your bicycle and avoid accidents. Keep away from Curb You need to stay away from the pavement as this is the way you can stay visible to other drivers. Also, when another car overtakes you, you will definitely feel […]

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    10 Tips for Finding the Best Cars for College Students

    Going to college is often a time of considerable changes for a young person. Many students have to move large distances to study at their chosen university or college. More often than not, the student dormitory can be located quite far away from the college itself. Therefore, getting around becomes one of the first issues […]

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    The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Unique Van

    There are various ways that you can make your van stand out from the crowd. Why have a standard boring old standard van, there are so many ways to stamp your personality onto the vehicle and this is the ultimate guide to the best of them. So take note and you could soon have the […]

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    Have The Number Of DUIs Decreased Because Of Ridesharing?

    After a day of hard work, it makes sense to go to the local bar to get a bottle or two where you can unwind and catch up with old friends.  For some people, regrettably, the night out ends up being about the danger of drunk driving. More than a quarter of America’s vehicular fatalities […]

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    Motorcyclists Ride in Honor of One of Their Own

    Over a hundred motorcyclists took a ride last weekend in honor of one of their own, who is no longer around to enjoy a spin on his bike. The event was a part of the “Do You See Us Now?” ride promotion to discourage distracted driving by motorists, which has been a major cause of […]

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    A Pennsylvanian’s Guide to Used Cars

    You won’t get far in Pennsylvania without a car but, given that cars are more expensive than ever, you may not get far trying to buy a new vehicle, either. Fortunately, that’s not your only option. There are plenty of great used cars for sale in Pennsylvania (as well as neighboring states like New Jersey, […]

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    Should you get an Extended Warranty?

    When you think about protecting your investment, car warranty seems like a good idea. The problem is that they end to be expensive, plus they rarely cover every potential vehicle issue. History has shown that people who invest in extended warranties seldom if ever use them, which is the equivalent of flushing money down the […]

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    4 Ways Pedestrians Can Stay Safe

    Getting around town on foot may prove dangerous. With an increased number of vehicles on roadways, the threat of a pedestrian getting struck is genuine. You should not have to worry about an injury lawyer tampa florida when traversing your hometown as a pedestrian. Whether you walk, bike or jog, you should know that you can help […]