5 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First CBD Oil Vape Pen


An ever-rising trend has been the powerful healing effects of CBD oil. When you combine with the ease of a quality vaping pen, the tag team of a CBD oil vape pen has a lot of perks. 

Curious about getting your own CBD oil vape pen? Often the small factors on owning and operating a CBD oil vape pen get glossed over.

Let’s dive in and showcase a few of those factors. 

Shopping for a CBD Oil Vape Pen

Vape pens are popular for a reason. They provide unique flavors and are an easy source of products like CBD oil. All of this in an easy to carry package makes for an enticing purchase.

For CBD oil itself, there is a lot of new information and even more misnomers. The good news is that some companies have done quality CBD testing to give us the best facts. 

With so many moving parts and chemical combinations, research is going to be key.

1. Research the Manufacturers 

As with all products, different manufacturers have different qualities. Some produce higher quality products, which often comes with a higher price tag. You can go cheaper, but risk having faulty pieces that need replacing far too soon. 

Shop around, do your research, and balance the customer reviews against your budget. 

2. Be Mindful of the Cleaning Process

Vape pens push through a variety of chemicals through an intricate, electrically charged device. It will need regular cleaning to keep it from clogging and breaking down.

The batteries will need a consistent check to avoid e-juice buildup. The tanks will often require a quick cleaning out and even the coils will need changing after a while. You will have to learn the ins and outs of each machine, so having a vape pen that is easy to pull apart and reassemble is key. 

3. Invest in Spare Pieces

Sometimes accidents happen. A vape pen has a lot of fragile pieces and dropping them can be a common, and disastrous, accident.

While cleaning, you may find that some pieces are too worn or broken to keep going. Having spare tanks, coils, and even batteries will help you fix your pen fast without needing a full replacement. 

4. Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a common problem among all vape pen users. The idea is that when you stick to a single flavor for so long, your tongue becomes desensitized to it and it starts to taste like nothing. 

Keeping a wide variety of flavors to switch out is a great way to keep your interest up and your experience pleasant. 

5. Dealing With Leaks

Cleaning and replacing is a great way to avoid leaks but nothing is perfect. You are dealing with a liquid-filled device and as we said, accidents happen. A leak isn’t a big issue, but you need to deal with it immediately. 

The chemicals in vape pens can stain and dry in horrible ways, so clean up your vape pen as soon as a leak occurs. If you continue to use a vape pen while it is leaking, you can risk some dangerous backfires. 

Keeping the Information Moving

A CBD oil vape pen is a great purchase, giving you a quick and easy form of stress relief and pain reliever. As you can see by these factors, though, that they require a bit of investment and maintenance, so make your purchase with care. 

There are always new details to consider with every purchase, from small vape pens to big RVs. Check out our other articles for all the tips and tricks to keep the information flowing. 

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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First CBD Oil Vape Pen