5 Most Expensive Vape Products Anywhere


Are you interested in buying a vape?

Vaping has become a massively popular hobby in youth culture with the likes of Juul being widely available. Vaping can be used to quit cigarettes and as a form of smoking marijuana. 

Vapes can get quite expensive depending on what you’re getting, but there’s a lot of customization that goes into vapes. You can choose a plethora of unique parts, and there’s a ton of pre-built vape kits out there.

From pens to box mods, this guide contains looks at all the most expensive vape products you can find on the market today.

1. Sofia from Shisha Sticks

This pen was a hand-crafted commission made for a billionaire’s partner. It created using a variety of glass-blowing techniques and diamonds. Believe it or not, it’s #1 out of all of the most expensive vape pens, sold at a whopping $887,000! 

2. Magic Valley Vapors SX350J Dual Mod 18650

3D printers have been used to make a variety of things in recent years. They’re even capable of 3D-printed guns. This vape was 3D-printed using nothing but gold, making it the most expensive vape mod with a price tag of $109,000.

3. Top Hat Mods Vape Mod

This is one of the higher end wooden mods. It is designed by a company that usually creates affordable mods. The mod is hand-crafted and uses a mixture of wood and titanium to give it a sleek look. It is sold for $10,000.

4. Otto Carter Vape Mod

These are some of the better-looking vapes on this list. The Otto Carter mods are handmade by Otto Carter himself. They feature unique patterns that Carter engraves, and he sells them for about $3,000.

5. Gepetto Elite V2 Vape Mod

The cheapest, but still highly expensive, mod on this list is the Gepetto Elite V2. It uses a regulated wood box mod to give it a tacky appearance. They are also handmade, giving them a price tag of $2,500.

I Want One but Can’t Afford It, What Can I Do?

These mods can be quite tempting to purchase if you’re an avid vaper. However, the price tags are simply out of this world, so what can you do to get one? Well, a simple option would be to take out a small loan.

A company like Bonsai Finance allows one to take out loans and repay them over time. This means you can get your favorite, handmade vape right now and worry about the price later. It’s a win for everybody!

Rep the Vape Nation and Buy One of the Most Expensive Vape Mods

Because vaping is so popular in culture nowadays, people purposely go out of there way to get expensive mods. Not only do they provide high-quality puffs, but they’re also physically appealing.

If you’re a true fan of vaping, get one of the most expensive vape products on this list to show your passion for the hobby. Rep your Naysh, y’all!


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5 Most Expensive Vape Products Anywhere