5 Most Popular Vaping Tricks (And How to Master Them)


Vaping has become a popular way for people to unwind these days. In 2018, studies report that about 10.8 million adults in the United States use e-cigarettes and vaping mods to consume nicotine on a regular basis.

You have been vaping for a while now and one day, you notice someone doing vape rings! How cool would it be to do tricks like that while you vape at a bar or party?!

We’ve searched far and wide for the newest and most fascinating vaping tricks out there. Keep reading to learn 7 jaw-dropping vape cloud tricks to show your friends and family!

1. Vape Rings

The first trick any vape enthusiasts should try is the smoke ring. This trick is the oldest one in the books because people have blown smoke rings for decades!

On top of being one of the oldest smoke tricks known to man, blowing smoke rings develops oral muscle skills you will need to have before you can master many other vape cloud tricks. Many vape tricks started with smoke rings in one way or another.

To do the trick, take a good puff off your mod and get as much vape in your mouth as you can without inhaling. Hold the vape in your mouth as you prepare to blow the rings.

Make sure your tongue stays on the bottom of your mouth and out of the way. Then, form your lips into a rounded O-shape making sure to keep your tongue out of the way.

Once your lips are in position, push out little puffs of air. Think about trying to grunt like a gorilla, but emitting short bursts of air instead of loud sounds. The smoke should form little rings as it leaves your lips.

It takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. But, once you get the hang of blowing smoke rings, you won’t have trouble with most of the other tricks.

2. The Dragon

Lovers of medieval lore will love this trick! The goal is to make yourself look like a fire breathing dragon!

Take a long drag off your mod and hold it in your mouth. Again, you do not want to inhale any of that beautiful cloud at all when you are doing vape tricks.

Now, exhale the cloud, but focus on blowing out of your mouth and nose at the same time. Not only will this make you look like a fire breathing dragon, but your cloud will also envelop your head, adding to the mythical effect and impressing any onlookers!

A quick tip: Before you attempt this trick, blow your nose and clear your sinus passages. The last thing you want is a gooey snot ball clogging up your nose (or worse shooting out of your nose)!

3. Jellyfish (Atomic Bomb)

This is a trick for those who have already mastered smoke rings. You will need an exceptional mod like the ones sold by Vappora to perform this trick.

Start by making a large smoke ring (the bigger, the better) but make sure there is a small hole in the middle. You want the ring to almost be a bubble.

Slow the speed of this ring by placing your hand behind it. Be careful not to touch the cloud at all!

Then, blow another, smaller ring through the center of the larger one. The smaller ring will break apart and leave trails of cloud coming out the other side. The trailing tendrils of smoke behind a large, bubble-like cloud resembles a jellyfish!

For a different variation on this trick, form your rings perpendicular to the floor so the tendrils fall towards the ground and the large smoke ring raises toward the ceiling. Doing the trick in this orientation makes it look like a little atomic bomb mushroom cloud!

4. The Tornado

Be a master of disaster with this neat trick! Make your vape cloud look like a mini-tornado.

Take a deep inhale off your mod and release it onto a flat surface like a table. Colder surfaces, like a granite counter, works the best for this trick.

Once you have a pool of vapor on the surface, slice through the middle with your hand (shaped like a blade) and lift your hand straight up from the center of the puddle. The vapor should follow your hand into the air, spiraling on its way up. The spiraling vape looks like you summoned a tiny tornado!

5. Vaping tricks that need preparation: The waterfall

You want to prepare this trick in advance by throwing a water bottle into the freezer with only a couple inches of water in the bottom. Be sure you put the water bottle on a level surface so the water stays on the bottom during freezing. Once the water freezes into solid ice, you are ready to go!

To do the trick, take a puff of your vape and blow the cloud into the bottle. Let it sit in the bottle for a couple of seconds, then tip the bottle over and let the vapor flow out of the bottle onto the counter/ table. It will look like a waterfall and the vapor “puddle” will cling to the surface for a few seconds before evaporating!

Be courteous when Making your own clouds

With so many vape enthusiasts these days, there’s plenty of people to come up with new tricks and variations of older tricks. Once you master a trick, try to change it a little and come up with your own, original trick!

Showing off your vaping tricks can be fun at a bar or party, but be courteous of others. Many tricks produce large vape clouds. It may be cool to you and your friends, but the group of people around you may not appreciate sitting in your clouds.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned some neat new tricks to show off to your friends and family. For more information, vaping tips, and mod recommendations check out the rest of our vaping blogs today! 

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5 Most Popular Vaping Tricks (And How to Master Them)