Minors: Know the Laws and Risks Before Vaping


Did you know that over 5 million American teenagers used e-cigarettes over the past 30 days?

Vaping is appealing to younger people because most advertise it as a safer alternative to cigarettes. That’s why vaping for minors is predominant during middle and high school. If you’re a concerned parent, you might wonder how to talk with them.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

With this guide, we’ll discuss vaping laws for minors and the risks accompanying this vice. That way, you’ll know how to talk to your children without antagonizing them. Read on and find out more.

Vaping Laws for Minors Vary by State

When thinking about why minors engage in vaping in the first place, the answer is because of the vaping laws in their state. You’ll ask, how old can minors be to vape? The truth is that vaping in most states is illegal before individuals turn age 21.

Several states consider vapes as tobacco products. That’s why most retailers exploit this loophole to dodge any penalties from selling e-cigarettes to underage people. Also, most states have inconsistent laws regarding minors in possession of these products.

This happens even when most states implemented laws that ban e-cigarette sales to people aged below 21. Here are some examples of state vaping laws for underaged people:

1. Florida

In this state, their laws don’t consider vapes as tobacco-based products. The caveat is that the state forbids people under 18 to buy and possess any product containing nicotine. But minors are still free to buy vape pens as long as it has no nicotine content.

2. Colorado

Colorado particularly bans any product that may contain any level of nicotine and yes, this also covers vape pens. However, this only applies to minors under the age of 18.

3. Ohio

Like Florida, this state doesn’t consider e-cigarettes as tobacco-based products. Any products possessing nicotine are illegal for minors. But these teens can carry nicotine-free vape pens around.

4. Washington

In this state, you must be at least 21 years old to have the right to buy vapor products. It means you can only buy any product with nicotine content when you reach this age. But possession of vapor products is legal for people aged 18 and over.

Also, Washington state doesn’t consider vape products as tobacco.

5. Maryland

This state’s laws mandate that you’re only allowed to buy electronic smoking devices if you’re 21 or older. This includes vape pens and other associated accessories. They make an exception to military personnel in active duty since they’re allowed if they’re 18.

Are you curious about the vaping laws for minors in your state? If so, check out this website with its interactive map that allows you to see its e-cigarette laws. Also, check out the linked post if you’re looking for a used car dealership in Memphis.

Why is Vaping Illegal for Minors in the Majority of States?

Most manufacturers claim that vaping is a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. But recent studies are suggesting otherwise. The science used to arrive at this conclusion garnered the support of both federal and state governments.

Thus, they’re enacting regulations that product the health and wellness of underaged people. The most concerning part of these studies is the fact that using nicotine early on is detrimental to brain development. Also, even nicotine-free vaping products cause harm to teenagers using them.

The vape industry often argues that using vape pens are key to reducing nicotine intake using cigarettes. But this claim’s rationale revolves around the fact that e-cigarettes cause reduced nicotine levels. But it falls apart because most teens who vape didn’t try traditional cigarettes before.

This means these individuals need not vape since they have no smoking experience before. Teens risk future increases in nicotine intake when they engage in nicotine-free vaping while young. The worst part is that inhaling aerosolized vaping liquid is hazardous, even when it’s nicotine-free.

Physical Consequences of Vaping

Flavored vape liquids are safe to eat, that’s why manufacturers say they’re non-toxic. But the truth is that its vaporized particles are detrimental to your health when inhaled. Worse, some vape pens tested positive for containing various carcinogens.

Some teenagers experienced severe respiratory issues after vaping. The exact cause isn’t identifiable at this time, but investigations are still ongoing. Regardless, it’s best to avoid this vice because its future long-term effects are uncertain.

How to Talk to Minors About Vaping

To have an effective dialogue with your children, you must educate yourself. Always opt for an inquisitive and curious approach to your teenager’s vaping experience. Keep an ongoing talk with them instead of using declarative sentence since this approach ends the conversation with everything unsolved.

Start the conversation using a more general topic, asking whether other students at school vape. After initiating this conversation, work your way into asking for more details. Ask them what they know or if they ever tried it, but keep a neutral, inquisitive tone.

Ask your children questions to get a sense of what they know about vaping. That way, you’ll have an opportunity to educate them better. When they’re more proactive, never approach it with belligerence since this deters them from telling you anything in the future.

How to Prevent Minors from Vaping

The best way to prevent your children from vaping is to set a great example. Do your best to be free from any tobacco products. Prevent your children from getting exposed to secondhand smoke emissions from both traditional and electronic cigarettes.

Express your concern to them, letting them know that the reason you’re telling them to stay away from e-cigarettes is that it’s dangerous for them. This is where educating yourself will yield success since you aren’t using baseless claims for your arguments.

Prevent Minors from Vaping Today!

These are vaping laws for minors and the risks associated with this vice. Use this to have a meaningful dialogue with your children.

However, you shouldn’t stop learning about vaping here. To pick up all the information you need, we recommend reading our other guides covering vaping right here, right now!

Author: Brandon Park