What is a Wax Pen? Is it Legal to Drive With?


A wax pen is a vaporizer that’s designed for cannabis concentrates. They are a more discreet way of enjoying cannabis as they are typically smaller than other vapes. When you press the button, the battery inside the wax pen heats up its coils, vaporizing all the contents inside. Wax pens are growing in popularity and are one of the easiest ways to inhale cannabis. In this article, we are going to dig deep into how these pens are unique and what different options are available.

What are wax atomizers?

Wax atomizers (sometimes referred to as wax coils) are devices that use hot coils to vaporize cannabis concentrates. Nowadays, the selection of atomizers is massive, but it wasn’t always like that. With all of the options to choose from, how do you find the best?

Most reputable brands have satisfactory atomizers their customers love. Also, most of them are interchangeable so your wax pen can be customized. There’s a small learning curve, but good atomizers offer temperature control, which will ultimately alter the flavor. This makes them a more cost-efficient option for vaporizing cannabis.

What are cannabis concentrates?

If you had a time machine and went back 40 years and took someone back to the present with you, they probably wouldn’t recognize 90% of the cannabis products out there. Nowadays, weed comes in so many forms and potency.

cannabis concentrate is a highly potent large mass of extracted THC or CBD. Some have a gooey sticky wax texture other are more like glass. Unlike smoking weed in its flower form, concentrates pack a more powerful amount of THC. This makes them way stronger, so newbies beware.

Just like weed strains, there are tons of different variations of concentrates. Just for fun, here’s some cannabis concentrate slang you might hear.

  • Shatter (looks more like glass, very strong)
  • Butter
  • Bubble Hash
  • Crumble

Finding the right concentrate for you can be a bit overwhelming. It takes some trial and error to find the best fit. Make sure to get a good taste of all, but tread lightly!

Choosing the Best Wax Pen

First, we have to settle that “best” is very relative. Some people like stronger hits while others might prefer a smooth drag. No matter your preference there’s definitely a wax pen for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a wax pen:

  • Coil Life Cycle – This depends on how frequently you use your pen. Some are built to last long, while others require maintenance. Your best bet is to check out the reviews online to see what the community has to say.
  • Compatibility – Most pens are compatible with all different types of wax. Some might be more accustomed for a certain texture so make sure you check out the details prior to purchasing.
  • Customer Service – The reality is that your pen might get damaged or start to malfunction. Always make sure your manufacturer has excellent customer service to help you down the line.

Slickvapes, a highly supported brand offers a wide selection of wax pens. Be sure to check out their new collection! We hope you know have the confidence to find the right wax pen for you. Remember that the more you try the more you know.

Happy Vaping!

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What is a Wax Pen? Is it Legal to Drive With?