How To Photograph Your Car

Photography is a great hobby, and there are few thrills as great as sharing a beautiful photo on social media and having your friends appreciate it. Taking a photograph of your car can be really exciting. So here’s how you can photograph your car. 

Get the Location Right

You should avoid taking a picture of your car alongside other cars. No matter how beautiful your car is, it will always look less beautiful alongside other cars. Make sure your car is the star of the show and the focus of your photo. 

The background shouldn’t be some bland wall, or a long, winding road cutting through some field. You want to set your car somewhere dynamic and interesting. Many professional photographers keep a database of places they think are dynamic and interesting and where they want to take photos. You can look up places on Google Maps or Street View to see if a place you’ve thought of would be a good place to take photos.

Remember to be respectful when you’re taking photos. You should not take photos where you are not allowed, or where taking pictures is forbidden. 

Your Mobile Phone’s Camera is Good Enough

Some professional photographers use just two single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras and simple lenses. Others use lighting and little details to work out on the field. You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photos. 

A lot of photographers like to use lots of artificial lighting, but I think natural lighting and surroundings make for a superior photograph. At the beginning of your journey as a photographer, a mobile phone will suffice for you to take great photos. In fact, there are even books and magazines that feature photos taken from mobile phones. Mobile phones can take some amazing pictures. You can edit these photos with the camera’s features or a downloadable photo editor. Although mobile phones have limitations, today’s mobile phone has a camera superior to most cameras taken since the invention of cameras.

Give Your Car Space

Don;t squish your car into your photo. You want the car to have lots of space around it, otherwise, it looks like you are looking at a car through a keyhole or something. Look at a variety of compositions, and  let the car breathe. If you look at the photos taken by Armanko Photography, they all use the golden ratio of composition, which puts the focus of your photo in the best light. You want to remember the golden ratio whenever you take photos. 

If you remember these rules, then your car will shine even in the most dynamic background. Banish any fear that your car will be outshone. In fact, you should be glad to have dramatic scenes in your photo, it will make your photo look brilliant. 

Move around and see if you can take your photo from a different angle and capture an even more breathtaking photograph. Move close to the car, move away, try different things to get the best shot.

Author: Full Editorial