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    How Your PIP Coverage Could Impact Your Car Accident Settlement

    PIP coverage, also referred to as no-fault insurance, is a type of car insurance that is mandatory in most states. Its purpose is to cover any lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages that a person may incur as a result of a car accident. Unlike other forms of compensation, a PIP claim can cover […]

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    Car Accidents Guide: When Should You Call A Lawyer?

    A car accident is something that no one would want to be part of. However, no matter how careful you are on the road, you can still become a victim of an unfortunate vehicular crash.  When you figure in a car accident, you may wonder if you need to immediately call a lawyer. The best […]

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    What You Need to Know About DUI/DWI If Pulled Over

    A number of people need to drive in order to maintain their livelihood. There are some cities that are nearly impossible to live in if you do not have reliable transportation. Public transportation in a number of states can be nothing short of a nightmare. Waiting for a bus that never arrives is a common […]

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    Protecting Your Right to Compensation After A Car Accident

    Calling them “accidents” is misleading unless you believe cars crashing into each other are the result of the alignment of the planets. Car accidents happen because someone, usually the driver of at least one of the vehicles involved in the crash, was at fault. Your right to recover compensation for the personal injuries and property […]

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    Can a truck driver’s sleep apnea lead to accidents?

    If left untreated, sleep apnea is just one of more than eighty sleep disorders that can be extremely life threatening. The word ‘Apnea’ itself comes from the Greek meaning ‘without breath’, which just glosses over just how threatening this sleep disorder really is. Although it’s a sleep disorder that only affects four percent of the […]

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    Common head injuries in a rear end accident

    Rear-end automobile collisions are recognized among the most common of all motor vehicle accidents. A rear-end car crash often takes victims by surprise as they sit idling, patiently waiting for a red light to turn green. The NHTSA – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issues annual statistics for automobile crashes based on the type […]

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    Who’s at fault in a rear end accident?

    In almost all cases, if you hit a car in the back with your car, you will be ruled at fault. As a driver, you are responsible for what your car does. A basic rule of the road is that you should be able to control your vehicle enough to be able to make it […]

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    What to Do If You Get a Reckless Driving Charge

    You may be driving down a busy highway, trying to pay attention to several different things around you. You’re surrounded by speeding traffic, road work, confusing exit signs, and that loud thump in your car you have been meaning to have looked at. Because of all the distractions, you end up speeding and swerving right […]

  • What is a Lemon Law?


    What is a Lemon Law?

    You might have been saving for quite some time to get yourself a car. When you buy one, everything looks great, and you feel like you have just made a great accomplishment. The car comes with a long-term warranty, drives great, and also looks classic. However, in a short period, you start experiencing some setbacks […]

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    Personal Injury and Its Statue of Limitation

    If you are thinking of filing a personal injury case or just searching for an article to read, you might want to read through this to have sufficient information on what you should do in case you get into this situation. Personal injury cases arise when a claimant files against an individual that caused him […]