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    How to write a car accident demand letter

    If you have had a car accident recently then you may be wondering what your next steps are. How do you go about claiming on your insurance? Or how do you demand repairs from the other person involved? Well, first you will need to write a car accident demand letter. What is a car accident […]

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    Steps to Take if You Were Involved in an Amazon Truck Accident

    For many people, Amazon Prime is a lifesaver. It’s reliable, prompt, and sometimes even ahead of schedule. However, with tight deadlines and growing demand, there are also a lot of traffic accidents that involve Amazon drivers. As with other traffic accidents that involve tractor trailer trucks or delivery truck drivers, injuries can be severe. If […]

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    Common Conditions Caused By Motor Vehicle Accidents?

    Kansas City is a beautiful and magical place with its fountains, spectacular buildings, and museums. All these stunning views and pleasant weather makes driving around town fun. But sadly, in Kansas City, thousands of individuals lose their life to auto-mobile road accidents. Be it a minor or major car accident, they both can cause severe […]

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    Top Tips To Reduce The Risks Of Road Rage

    Statistics show that six million auto accidents occur every single year in the United States, and there are many potential causes of these crashes and collisions that lead to so many needless deaths and injuries every single day. Sometimes, crashes are caused purely by accident, due to bad weather conditions, low-quality roads, or a momentary […]

  • Defending Against Common Driving Infractions


    Defending Against Common Driving Infractions

    Every day, there are thousands of car accidents, caused by a wide range of actions and many of which are avoidable. That’s little comfort to those who are injured or even those facing damages from a single-car incident. With proper education and vigilance, however, many people can learn better driving habits and reduce the likelihood […]

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    How To Choose The Best Car Accident Lawyers For Your Needs

    Car accidents frequently lead to personal injury lawsuits, whether or not there are civil or criminal penalties. The severity of the injuries they cause, and the degree of property damage often make it worthwhile to hire an attorney. But how do you know which attorney is right for your case? Let’s learn how to choose […]

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    What cars are most likely to be in an accident?

    Is there something specific that you look for in a car when the time comes for you to get one? The answer most people would give would be safety. You may look at crash test ratings when you start studying your options, always having in mind the fact that you and your loved ones are […]

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    The Car Accident Lawsuit Process Explained: A Detailed Guide

    What’s the average cost of a car accident? For car accidents that result in simple injuries, the cost of the medical bills can quickly reach $151,000. However, when you start accounting for disabling injuries, the average cost of recovery is well over $1 million. If someone else’s negligent behavior has caused you or a loved […]

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    How do I file a lemon law claim on a used car?

    You needed a new car badly, so you started to shop around. You decided to buy from a local car dealership, because you believed that you’d be better protected against a bad purchase. Unfortunately, not all defective vehicles are covered by the lemon law, unless they are under one of three specific warranties.  If you buy […]

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    If Marijuana is Legal, Can I Still Get a DUI for Driving High?

    In states where recreational cannabis use is legalized, what are the penalties for driving under the influence? Although you may be allowed to smoke or consume marijuana in your free time, it is still illegal to drive while impaired by its effects. THC in the blood has been found to impact driving abilities, including reaction […]