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  • Insurance Consultant Peter Vitale


    How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do You Need? Peter Vitale Weighs In

    Peter Vitale is a Michigan-based business consultant who specializes in insurance. He has received numerous honors, including Allstate Insurance Company’s Inner Circle Elite Award. Peter Vitale has become a trusted expert when it comes to having the right type of coverage. We’ll look at his thoughts on the matter. We’ll explore how his tips can […]

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    What are Minor Body Car Repairs

    It is such a relieving thing if you can deal with minor body car repairs in UK on your own. This is also a skill. If you are trying something like this the first time, then I would suggest you be ready to do it more than once. It will be a learning process for […]

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    What Not to Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident

    If you’re in a car accident, of course, you want to think your company is going to be on your side. That’s what you pay them for, after all. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens.  Your insurance company is a business, and as a business, they want to make the most and spend the least […]

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    Rolls Royce Goes Electric This Decade

    There are a few brands that bring to mind decadence and luxury. Dermani Medspa, Louis Vuitton, and Rolls Royce immediately come to mind. However, these brands managed their longevity by doing what they knew worked consistently. However, the world around them is changing, and Rolls Royce, for one, doesn’t intend to be left behind. The […]

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    Cities Consider Targeting Delivery Vehicles for Revenue

    It’s not an uncommon sight to see a delivery vehicle parked at the curb as it offloads fresh produce or something it’s its carrying. Some of them are carrying portable storage pods to new locations. Inevitably, these lumbering, slow-moving vehicles create a mess of traffic when they pull up and start offloading their goods. Up […]

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    How Do You Read Your Car Insurance Policy

    If you own a car at a young age, you’re probably going to get your first automobile insurance policy very quickly because there’s no reason for you to wait. Primarily, your car insurance policy is a boring, difficult to understand document filled with legalities. Essentially, it’s a legally binding contract requiring the insurer to perform […]

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    How To Own Your Dream Car

    Cars have always been a symbol of prestige in the US. Names like Mercedes Benz and BMW already carry with them history and weight. New names like Tesla show off the sleek nature of luxury electric cars. CNBC noted that Americans bought more than 17 million vehicles in 2019. Having your dream car doesn’t have […]