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    How Does Car Insurance Work?

    Most car owners may claim that they already know what car insurance is, but the sad truth is that many people don’t understand every aspect of car insurance. With common phrases such as “premiums and “deductibles being used as well as a variety of coverage options, insurance can become tricky. Insurance is required to have […]

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    What To Know About The New No-Fault Auto Insurance

    Michigan’s No-Fault insurance is relatively complicated for people who aren’t aware of the details behind it. The Balance mentions that Michigan’s no-fault law is one of the most complex pieces of legislature in the US to wrap your head around. The newest series of reforms to the law happened as recently as 2019. Even though […]

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    8 Key Insurance Considerations When Choosing a New Private Hire Vehicle

    When buying a vehicle, whether it be new or used, it’s extremely important that you carry out all the necessary research to ensure you make the right purchase. Afterall, it is likely that you will be investing a significant amount of money. This is even more crucial for private hire taxi drivers as they will […]

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    4 Senior Auto Insurance Tips to Lower Costs and Ensure Personal Independence

    As you near retirement age, personal independence is likely one of your first priorities. Going shopping, making visits to the doctor, or spending time at recreation activities requires driving around. And, for that, you’ll need appropriate car insurance. Should you check this feature on MoneyGeek, you’ll learn that providers have different criteria for offering coverage […]

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    Most Common Vehicular Accidents And How To Handle Them

    Even if you’re a cautious driver who tries not to put a foot wrong, accidents can still happen. Sometimes, they can be caused by you and at other times by other road users. Whether it’s a slip, trip or fall accident, you need to be prepared in case of any eventuality and seek legal assistance […]

  • 6 Tips to Help You Find Car Insurance During the Pandemic


    6 Tips to Help You Find Car Insurance During the Pandemic

    A lot of how our society runs and functions on a daily basis is changing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This can make acquiring items and services we commonly use quite difficult. With non-essential employees being told to stay home, there are about 20% fewer cars on the road, according to a report by Arity. This […]

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    Never Hesitate to Pay for Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

    You don’t know what the future holds. You might be confident with what you have now, but things could change in a heartbeat. Take the coronavirus pandemic, for instance. No one imagined that it would be as severe as it is now, six months ago. When the virus spread rapidly, everything got shut down. Businesses […]

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    6 Ways to Improve Road Safety

    Road safety is an extremely important issue, but we often push it to the back of our minds. This is especially true when we have been driving for most of our lives. However, staying aware of the importance of road safety can protect not only you, but everyone else on the road along with you. […]

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    Image source Insurance is not a luxury; it has become a necessity. Insurance saves you from financial losses in case of any damage done to your property. It also makes up for the loss of your property. Formally but, insurance is a policy in which the property owner receives reimbursement or financial protection against any […]

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    Rideshare Drivers Need Multiple Insurance Policies for Total Coverage

    When Uber and Lyft became the standard ridesharing options, drivers weren’t thinking about car insurance policies. In the early days, most rideshare drivers didn’t think they needed extra coverage. Drivers were considered independent contractors and were responsible for maintaining their own vehicle and paying for their own insurance policy. Although independent contractors are personally responsible […]