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The best way to get around.

  • The lowest prices on the road
    With Sidecar, you pay the least for your rides. Period. Plus, when you snag a Shared Ride, you'll arrive for even less.
  • The only app that lets you choose
    Your ride is in your hands. Sidecar is the only app that lets you choose how much you’ll pay, before your ride arrives.

*Shared rides are available now in San Francisco and coming soon to your city.

How It Works

  • Illustration of mobile map application.

    Enter your destination.

    Type in where you're headed and get your price up front. Your driver will take you there quickly and safely.

  • Illustration of Choose Driver list with different drivers and prices.

    Choose from a list of rides.

    Sort available drivers by lowest price, shortest ETA and your favorites. How you ride is up to you!

  • Illustration of a Rate Driver screen: Awesome, Good or Pretty Bad.

    Pay & rate through the app.

    No cash, no hassle. When you've arrived, pay your driver and rate your experience with the tap of a button.

Go beyond one‑size‑fits all.

Different times call for different rides, so choose the one you need.

  • Lowest Price

    Save your spending money.

    Sidecar is the only app that lets you choose a ride based on price. Sort rides by lowest cost and know what you’ll be paying before you head out.

  • Shared Rides

    The smartest way to ride.

    Shared experiences, shared conversations and most importantly, shared expenses. When you share your ride with another rider going your way, you’ll cut your cost in half.

  • Arrival Time

    Choose when to get there.

    In a hurry? Sort available rides by shortest ETA. Need more time to get ready? Choose a driver who’s a bit farther away.

  • Something More

    Need more than just a seat?

    Choose a ride that has what you need, like extra seating, snacks, water and more.

  • Your-Favorites

    Ride with your favorites. Again.

    If you had a great experience with a driver, add them to your Favorites list. Next time you need a ride, they’ll be first in line and you can pick up where you left off.

We're all in this together

The first of its kind, Sidecar’s peer-to-peer transportation network has helped connect millions to share rides.

We’re people-powered and growing every day.


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