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    Cracked Windshield – Should I Repair or Replace?

    If you’re reading this article, there’s a better than average possibility that you’re driving with a cracked or chipped windshield and are trying to determine the prudent next steps. Auto glass damage can be a serious inconvenience and finding the time and the appropriate glass repair company can be challenging. Before you incurred the damage, […]

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    Why Your European Car Needs a European Mechanic

    What do BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi have in common? Well, apart from being high-end European vehicles, they are all known for their high quality and robust machine performance.  Not all cars are the same but you don’t need an engineer to tell you that. One of the main differences between European cars and […]

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    The Dangers of Riding in an Uber of Lyft

    Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become very popular. They differ from standard taxi services, but for many, those differences are the reason why they prefer ride-sharing. Whether you like using them or not, Uber and Lyft are often very convenient. However, there are some dangers of using these services. Here are some […]

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    At the Top of the List for Small Claims Court Cases in Utah: Title Loans

    Year after year, millions of Americans find themselves in a position where they have a low cash flow and are not financially secure. In this instance, most people will take out some kind of short-term, high-interest loan like a title loan. These types of loans are attractive to borrowers because they can get money fast […]

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    How Technology Has Changed the Way We Wash Cars

    The car wash industry stands out as one of the industries that emerged after motor vehicle innovation. As such, the industry has served for more than one hundred years and continues to be one of the major sectors contributing to the economy’s well-being. However, the sector has largely grown and expanded with the increase in […]

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    Appealing Reasons To Invest In A Classic Vehicle

    The market for classic cars is currently blooming as hoards of individuals consider classic cars a great financial investment. While some might consider classic cars a great way to invest money, there are a few risks and potential downfalls to consider. However, there are also several appealing reasons to invest in classic cars. To help […]

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    Car Of The Year: What’s The Best Compact Car In 2020?

    The car market changes from year to year. What’s trending now in the car industry may be forgotten the following year.  This is precisely what happened with compact cars when SUV appeared, and people started driving them across the country. However, big city rush, jammed roads, and lack of parking spots in business areas led […]

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    Tire Safety and Maintenance Guide for New Drivers

    Did you know that more than one in four automobiles in the US have at least one underinflated tire? The same goes for about one in three light trucks, including SUVs, vans, and pick-ups. Unfortunately, incorrect tire pressure can result in or contribute to motor vehicle accidents. What’s more, over 700 traffic fatalities that occurred […]

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    How Old Do Children Need to Be To Ride a Dirtbike?

    Children might want to start dirt biking because of siblings or friends. This can be a great bonding activity for the entire family. Children can start riding dirtbikes at the age of 3 if they are electric and 4 with training wheels for gas-powered dirtbikes like a Suzuki Street Magic. By the age of 6, […]