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    Criminals are Using these Secret Techniques to Steal Cars

    Some thieves have figured out how to steal cars using modern technology. Knowing these methods can help you to protect your car. Whether it is a used one or a new one, it is quite a financial commitment to buy and maintain a car. We love our cars – they are our ticket to freedom […]

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    Top 5 Tips on Safely Sharing the Road with 18-Wheeler Trucks

    If your car is anything like most, it probably weighs around 5,000 pounds. The average semi truck weighs 80,000 pounds. That’s before any trailers are attached, which can be up to 73,500 pounds on their own. Needless to say, an 18-wheeler is the last thing you want to see barreling into traffic.  Unfortunately, this happens […]

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    What Should I Do With My Wrecked Car?: The Top 5 Options to Consider

    In the aftermath of an accident, you may have to face some difficult decisions — potentially including what to do with your now wrecked car. Fortunately, you have plenty of options. Here are five things you can do with a wrecked car. 1. Fix It How “wrecked” is your car? Believe it or not, even […]

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    Are launch scanners any good?

    Are you considering purchasing a scanner from Launch? Maybe you’re undecided if they’re worth the money and whether you’ll get the use out of them. In this guide, we aim to explore whether Launch scanners are worth the hype and which one is right for you. We’ll also look at whether Autel is better than […]

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    These 5 Old Cars are Cost-Effective to Restore

    Restoring an old car is a labor of love. For some, it’s about the end-result – that nostalgic set of wheels that will draw admiring glances wherever it goes. For others, it’s all about the process of restoring the car. When the job’s done, it’s time to sell up and start the next project. Whatever […]

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    4 Myths About the Use of Catalysts

    There are a lot of myths about the use of catalysts. Some of them are just funny or ridiculous, but we should not forget about fake and outdated facts pushing many vehicle owners to remove the cat. That is why we have collected the most common myths to consider them in detail and explain why […]

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    Car Accidents & Nerve Damage

    What is Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuritis? Neuropathy, also called peripheral neuritis, is a weakness, numbness, or pain from nerve damage. These symptoms often happen in the hands or feet, but can also occur in the legs and other areas. Peripheral neuropathies include carpal tunnel syndrome and general nerve damage. The most commonly affected people are […]

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    Why You Should Consider Selling Your Vehicle for Scrap

    Do you have an old unwanted car collecting dust in your backyard or the only one that’s consuming space within your garage? While old cars often have numerous memories to be considered relics, it’s time to let go of the attachment. What do you think of selling it for scrap? It’s often a challenging thing […]

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    How Does A Fleet Management Software Help With Asset Tracking?

    Fleet managers must look after every excruciating detail related to organizing commercial vehicles over a large geographical area.  This includes maintenance of the trucks, best navigation paths for quick and reliable delivery, routing through the safest and fastest tracks, and collecting information regarding the weather and traffic.  Moreover, it makes the stakes much more complicated […]