15 Ways To Protect Your Car From Accidents and Thieves

Car thieves have become increasingly savvy and a big part of USA Crime. Now, they’re making use of smart keys to rob cars. Afterward, they switch the car identification numbers to ensure they aren’t detected. This leaves the majority of car owners in trauma after losing their precious investment. Though car owners are advised to be careful to ensure that their cars are safe, there’s more to be done to avert car theft.  

This article will give you simple and efficient tips, which, when implemented, can prevent your car from accidents and theft. 

  1. Use Transponder Car Keys 

If you have transponder keys, your car won’t be involved in accidents and thieves will have a hard time stealing it. How do these keys function?  

First, you insert the original key, and then you switch it to the ON point. The antenna ring on the ignition will then send a sign to the transponder keys. If the automobile detects the car’s serial number, it will start. On the contrary, if it fails to recognize the key’s microchip, it doesn’t start.  

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  1. Do Not Leave Car Keys In The Ignition 

Thieves may break the car windows, get in and drive off. Thus, if you’re leaving your car, then carry your keys. Even if you’re stopping by a store or a supermarket for a quick errand, don’t try leaving the keys behind. Some people will keep their spare keys in their glove boxes or under the car seats.  

Also, don’t leave your motor running. This is very risky as it may cause accidents or car thieves may speed off with it. 

  1. Keep The Car Windows Closed 

Opened windows will easily attract thieves. This is because it’s very easy for them to enter and get away with your valuables. While this is painful, think about the danger of a stranger gaining full control of your motor. Not only is there a possibility of your car being stolen, but it can cause accidents, too. 

  1. Do Not Park In Dark Areas 

When you want to park your car, always do so in areas that are well lit. This is enough to deter a thief from stealing your vehicles. Robbers won’t risk as they fear passers-by who’ll notice them.  

The danger of keeping your car in the dark areas isn’t only theft. Also, since it isn’t visible, an individual who’s in a hurry or another driver may knock it off. In this case, you’ll be responsible for causing an accident. 

  1. Install Audible Alarms 

For all people who bought cars without audible alarms, it’s a noble idea to consider installing one. This alarm is usually designed to produce a loud noise when someone tries to enter your vehicle. The alarm is usually kept on. The noise usually scares thieves as the owner will immediately recognize the alarm and move swiftly towards their vehicle. 

In addition, if you have to install an audible alarm in your car, hire an alarm technician or a qualified mechanic. This is critical to ensure that the installation is going to work with the car’s wiring system. Other visible devices will scare thieves, like steering wheel locks.  

The alarm comes with several advantages. For instance, one can’t knock your vehicle and escape as the alarm will alert you to take the desired action. By doing so, you’ll have avoided accidents. 

  1. Install A Car Tracking System 

Car tracking systems, which are also called motor recovery systems, play a crucial role in preventing car theft, too. If your automobile doesn’t have one, installing one will be beneficial to you. Just like alarms, you’ll need to get an expert to install one.  

How does the tracking system work? When car thieves steal your car, the tracking system sends signals to a monitoring service nearest your car’s location. This alerts the police to recover your motor faster. 

Other than preventing theft, the tracking systems reduce the risks of accidents. This is because someone will drive carefully as they’re fully aware that they’re monitored. Some alerts come with the tracking system, which plays a critical role in reducing accidents. Some of these are maintenance notifications and speeding alerts. 

  1. Do Not Leave Any Valuables In Your Car 

When you leave your laptop, purse, or cell phone in your car, you’re attracting thieves. This is dangerous, especially when they’re visible from your car. However, if it’s mandatory to carry along something expensive in your car, then ensure it’s completely invisible to strangers.  

When you implement this, you’ll highly reduce the chances of robbers breaking your car windows to steal your valuables. If you mistakenly left the spare key somewhere visible, too, a robber can easily steal your car. 

  1. Stay Alert 

Any time after parking your vehicle, be conscious of your surroundings. If you spot someone moving around your automobile aimlessly, you can change your packing. If the person had a motive for stealing it, most likely they’ll be scared after you change the parking area. They may feel that you’ve understood their ill motives.  

Again, once you’ve parked your car, double-check to confirm whether the doors and windows are properly closed.  

  1. Keep Your Car Doors Closed 

This should be the first measure to protect your motor from both theft and accidents. If the door locks are broken, repair them as this poses a great risk. If you’re carrying someone who hasn’t made use of the safety belt, they can be ejected out. This will cause an accident. Still, a car thief may notice your broken door locks, get in, and then steal your vehicle or valuables. 

  1. Stay Off From High Crime Areas 

If an area has high cases of crime, it’s advisable to avoid it. However, if it’s a must to get into that area, look for safe alternative routes. By doing so, you’ll protect your valuables and your car from robbers. Better still, you’ll have escaped potential accidents when speeding off after approaching thieves. 

  1. Etch Your Car’s VIN 

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) effectively keeps thieves at bay. If you have this feature in your car, there’s an added advantage for you. Your car’s insurance company will give you a discount, too. This is because robbers don’t like motors with traceable parts. If a thief gets away with a car that has the VIN etched on the windows, they’ll be forced to replace the windows. This is a costly process, hence keeping many robbers away. 

Similarly, you can also engrave your driving license and the vehicle identification number in other removable parts. This is going to complicate everything for car robbers. They can’t purchase and replace these parts. The mechanics, too, will be curious if the parts being replaced are many, consequently alerting police officers. 

  1. Tinted Windows 

A tinted window not only makes your car look cool but also protects your car from theft. Many thieves simply grab an opportunity after spotting some costly items in a car. They’ll break into the car, steal, and escape. Also, they may rob the vehicle if there’s a spare part in the car. If the doors are tinted, thieves won’t be attracted in most cases. 

Further, tinted windows will also reduce car accidents. This is because they reduce reflection and sun glare. The reflection from water or glass pieces on the road can make a driver prone to accidents. However, this isn’t the case for those driving motors with tinted windows. Despite the benefits associated with tinted windows, be advised not to heavily tint the doors. This now becomes disastrous as it reduces visibility. 

  1. Use The Emergency Brake 

Whenever you park your car, make use of the car’s emergency brake for extra stability. Should another vehicle knock it, it’ll greatly lower the chances of your motor rolling. By doing so, your car won’t cause an accident.  

  1. Do Not Carry Strangers In Your Car 

If you’re used to giving strangers lifts, it’s high time you brought this to an end. Though some people may be in genuine need of your help, how do you differentiate them from car thieves? Sadly, when you intend to help, you may get yourself into trouble. These people could be thieves who may get away with your valuable possessions. Worse still, they could be armed and steal your vehicle. Since they’ll speed off afterward, your car can be involved in an accident. 

  1. Do Not Stop To Help  

Lastly, make sure not to stop by to help one who appears to have a car malfunctioning. Instead, rush to the nearest police station and report the matter so that the person may get the necessary help. Still, you can get your cell phone and call the police so they can assist the person after you’ve driven past them.  

Why is this a critical move for your car safety? Some people fake that they’re experiencing motor vehicle problems only for you to stop by and get robbed of your valuables and car. 

Final Words 

In addition, no one wishes to lose their car or involve them in accidents. Unfortunately, many of these incidents are witnessed weekly. The good news is that they can be prevented. If you’re worried about how to avoid losing your car and accidents, worry no more. This article is dedicated to you and may ultimately solve your problems. 

Author: June McGown