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    Financially Sensible Car Buying and Owning

    Owning a car is very important for many people. Some need it to get to work or around town in a reliable and efficient manner. Others simply love to get behind the wheel and feel powerful engines rumble the seat. You may be a combination of the two. However you feel about cars, if you […]

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    6 Tips To Overcome Driving Phobia

    Most people do not know this but there is a thing known as driving phobia. Around 10% of people actually suffer from phobias at the moment, including anxiety for driving. Driving phobia is so often irrational, a clear form of anxiousness. In many cases causes are not known and the main signs noticed are panic […]

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    4 Tips for Going on a Road Trip with Your Parents

    Road trips are a lot of fun. Experiencing the open road, traveling from city-to-city and passing through historic towns can be unforgettable. But when your parents come along for the trip, things can get very interesting very quickly. Add old age into the mix, when your parents are elderly, and you’ll find out that you […]

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    Holidays & The Impaired Driving Crackdown

    As Labor Day stands as the second most deadly holiday for motor vehicle fatalities (after Memorial Day), it’s unsurprising that crackdowns are getting more serious. August 16th marked the inception of ‘Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over,’ a national campaign against motorcycling while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The campaign focuses around the […]

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    The Power of Technology in Fighting DUI

    Technology has literally saved and extended millions of lives. As technology advances, this becomes more and more true. From medical technologies to safety devices, often we take these life-saving gifts for granted. Now there is a new technology that could aid in the war against drunk driving fatalities. Imagine if we could reduce the number […]

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    What the Internet of Things Means to You

    In Denver, Colorado, Comcast has announced the launching of its Internet of Things network, which they are calling machineQ, in the next few months — it will then go live in eleven more cities. The Motley Fool is finally advising its clients that investing in the Internet of Things is getting to be a good […]