6 Gift Ideas That Won’t Take Up Room in the Car When Traveling

6 Gift Ideas That Won't Take Up Room in the Car When Traveling

As you travel for the holidays, not only do you need to pack up your suitcases and necessities, but you also need to pack holiday gifts that you bring for family and friends. Instead of packing bulky gifts that can take up a ton of space, you have the opportunity to find gifts that will take up minimal room in the car. Check out some of the options to consider when you need to travel with gifts and don’t want to take up all of your cargo space.

1. Throw Blankets

Easily fold up and condense throw blankets for your journey when traveling. Throw blankets make great gifts because they work for multiple rooms in the home. Purchase a throw blanket to match the living room decor. Purchase a children’s themed throw with bright designs or popular characters. You can also find a variety of throw blankets with different sports teams and ideal for use outdoors.

2. Candles

Candles are a timeless gift that can provide anyone with year-round scents around the home. Candles are small enough to place around the home and provide a nice gift for display and for burning. You can easily pack multiple candles in a car without taking up a lot of space. As you shop online for candles, you can find a variety of scents that will go great in multiple rooms of the home.

3. Canvas Prints

While picture frames may include glass, a canvas print offers an easier way to transport and gift art. Purchase canvas print gifts for friends and family that include original artwork, unique designs, and various sizes. The canvas print offers a lot of durability.

4. Vinyl Music

Vinyl music is popular to both play and collect. The records are also very easy to transport. You can purchase a variety of records and have fun shopping for them. You could visit a music shop to browse through used records or order new vinyl records online. Even a smaller record player would not take up much space for transport in a vehicle.

5. Physical Movies

With streaming services constantly pulling movies and moving them to different services, physical movies have become an important part of home libraries. You can easily transport a small collection of new Blu-Ray discs and DVD movies in your vehicle. Even a dozen new movies will not take up a lot of space and provide you with fun gift ideas for all ages.

6. Inflatable Presents

Inflatable presents may come deflated and allow you to transport them flat in your vehicle without taking up a lot of space. Options include inflatable furniture like chairs or air mattresses. You could also pack a wide range of deflated balls that you can easily store in your car as well. Along with the gifts, try to remember to pack a pump so you can blow everything up when you have the opportunity. These clever gift transportation solutions not only save space but also add an element of surprise and fun to your travels, making the journey as exciting as the destination itself.

Keep all of these options in mind the next time you need to transport gifts on a trip.

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