6 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving During The Pandemic

Living in this COVID-19 devastated world, you may start to feel like you are in a reality survival television show. Day in and day out, you are asked to stay home and only leave when it is absolutely necessary. Driving to the grocery store to replenish your pantry at home, you may perhaps get distracted while driving. Today, we will talk about tips to avoid being distracted while driving so you can prevent car accidents from happening during this pandemic.


When it comes to distracted driving, the first thing that typically comes to mind is our mobile devices. We get a call, a text, a notification, and then before we know it, we’re distracted while driving to our destination. To help avoid distracted driving and to prevent accidents, consider using Bluetooth technology by connecting your phone to your car. Generally, when a call comes in and your mobile device is connected via Bluetooth, you can pick up the call with a touch of a button on your steering wheel so you can keep your eyes on the road. Don’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities in your car? No problem. Consider using a Bluetooth headset instead. Otherwise, it may be best to just put the mobile phone away until you arrive.


You may be tempted to devour your breakfast, lunch, or dinner while driving. If you feel the urge to partake while driving, then this next tip is for you. Consider eating a light snack before heading out. Fruits like bananas, apples, and berries offer a boost of energy while providing temporary satisfaction from hunger until you get back home to cook a meal. They are also easy to pack, so you can snack after you arrive at your destination. Avoid eating while driving to avoid distracted driving.


Do you have a vehicle that everyone uses? Do you find yourself having to readjust the various settings in the vehicle just to get comfortable? If you answered yes, then here is the next tip. Consider making necessary adjustments before you get underway. This means making seat adjustments, entering or choosing the point of interest on the navigation system, adjusting mirrors, adjusting climate controls, and sound settings before driving off. This ensures you will not be distracted while driving, avoiding accidents.


Our next tip involves loose gear or objects in the vehicle. Before you leave and begin driving, check the inside of your vehicle for any loose items like soda cans, tissue boxes, food, and other items that could roll around as you drive. Once you find them, remove or secure them to help prevent distractions while driving.


Perhaps your locality has allowed your furry member of the family to finally get some much-needed walk time at the local park. When transporting your pet, ensure that they are secured in your vehicle before driving. This means using a pet harness for vehicles or other similar car pet safety restraints to avoid being distracted while driving.


Believe it or not, one of the top causes of accidents due to distracted driving is because of grooming while driving. You might think that brushing your hair while driving is no big deal, but it can actually be dangerous. How? Say, for instance, your hair gets caught as you are brushing it. Your hair can obstruct your view of the road, which can cause an accident. So, consider completing your grooming like brushing your hair before you hit the road or after you arrive to avoid distracted driving.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention some life-saving and accident-preventing tips to help you avoid distracted driving during this pandemic. Drive safely by connecting your mobile phone to a Bluetooth device. Also, check your vehicle for loose items, make the necessary adjustments, avoid eating while driving, and finish grooming before leaving or after you arrive. If your furry family member will come along with you, then remember to secure them before driving off. If an emergency happens while you are driving, do not take your eyes off the road. Instead, stay calm and find a place to safely pull over. The last thing you would want is to divert your attention away from driving. So, prevent accidents from distracted driving by following these tips during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Full Editorial