8 Hacks for Having a Home’s Garage Be a Safe and Healthy Place

8 Hacks for Having a Home's Garage Be a Safe and Healthy Place

If you have a garage, it’s probably one of the areas of your home where you most want to be safe and healthy. It’s where you keep your car, tools, toys, and anything else. A home garage needs to be safe and secure from hazards. You want your garage to be as safe as possible, keeping it cool, dry, and above all else, clean.

Older garages might have wall-mounted heaters that create a lot of warmth. This is the ideal condition for many bacteria and mold growth. There are several ways to keep your home’s garage clean and safe, never to become a source of stress or discomfort.

1. Use Odorless Paints

Many of the garages have a not appealing color, making them uncomfortable to work in. Using odorless paint will make your garage look cleaner. Whether you use latex paint or oil-based paint, you need to make sure it’s odorless and non-flammable. Some paints are naturally odorless while others are eco-friendly, but they still need to be non-toxic and safe for your family members.

2. Create Secure Places for Tools and Other Hazardous Materials

Tools like nail guns, paint thinner, and other chemicals are some of the items that can cause harm if they’re not handled properly. Because of that, you need to have a place where you put all of these things so that your family will not have access to them. Putting them into an out-of-the-way space will keep them out of reach.

3. Put in Ample Lighting

Failing to put adequate lighting in your garage is a mistake many people make. It’s essential to put in adequate lighting so that you can work on the cars or other things without having to struggle. Putting good lights will also keep your garage clean.

4. Have Clean Air Ducts

You might think cleaning your air ducts only applies to your home’s system, but it actually applies to your garage’s system too. Garage ducts are something you might not think about, but they can create a lot of heat in your home, even after installing a system from Platinum Comfort Solutions. If they’re dirty, you can get air circulation problems, and then you’ll notice that the air will be creating a lot of dust or dander in your house.

5. Reinforce Windows

Garage windows are a place where a lot of accidents can happen. It’s essential to reinforce your garage windows so that they’re safe. It would be best to put in windows that are good security since they are the one entry point that burglars use to break into your garage.

6. Have a Fire Extinguisher

It is essential to keep a fire extinguisher in your garage. It might not be used often, but it can come in handy when there are fires. Keep it handy and know how to use it. One of the essential things of all is that you should know how to work with a fire extinguisher.

7. Make Sure You Have a First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anywhere, and the garage is one of the places where they’re most likely to occur. Even if you have a first aid kit in your house, having a separate one for your garage is still essential.

8. Invest in a More Secure Garage Door

Many people mistakenly think that the garage door itself is secure enough. You can put a lock on it, but it’s better to care about what is behind the door. It’s also essential to add an alarm system to hear if someone breaks in and you have time to react appropriately. See ductdoctor.com.

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