8 Helpful Ideas for Packing Up a Garage for a Residential Move

8 Helpful Ideas for Packing Up a Garage for a Residential Move

It makes sense that the garage is one of the hardest rooms to pack up for a move. After all, not everyone spends a lot of time in their garages, and they often use it as a storage space for miscellaneous junk. Packing up everything in your garage can seem overwhelming even if you have help from a moving and storage company, but these tips can make the job easier when it comes time for you to move.

1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Before you start to pack anything in your garage, sort through what is there and decide what you can throw out or give away. Place these items in separate piles while you sort through everything.

2. Gather All of Your Moving Supplies

The items that you’re likely to save in your garage tend to be bulky and awkward to pack, so be sure you have plenty of large storage bins, moving blankets, and cardboard boxes that are still in good shape before you start packing anything.

3. Use Old Linens as Packing Materials

Old linens make for great packing materials for tools and other items that are more difficult to secure. They can also be used for padding when packing some of your more fragile items.

4. Prepare Power Tools and Vehicles for Safe Transport

Before you pack any power tools, electronics, and small vehicles for your move, make sure that you can pack them safely. Unplug all power cords that are connected to your tools, remove all batteries, and drain the fuel from lawn mowers, snow blowers, and anything else that runs on gasoline. Be sure to secure all power cords and batteries safely and keep them with their proper devices.

5. Keep Plenty of Room in Your Car

While most of the items in your garage can be stored on a moving truck, certain items are not allowed. These include paint thinner, aerosol cans, car batteries, propane tanks, and cleaning solvents. Set these items aside when packing, and keep plenty of room in your car for them.

6. Clean Before You Pack

Your garage doesn’t need to be spotless before you start packing, but you should take some time to clean and wipe everything down before you put it into boxes and load it into a moving truck. That way, you aren’t unloading dusty, grimy tools when you reach your new home.

7. Keep Like Items Together

When you have a lot to pack, it helps to keep everything separated into categories. Make separate piles for gardening tools, cleaning supplies, small hardware items, patio furniture, and anything else you have in your garage. Pack them into their own labeled boxes.

8. Separate Essential Items

Finally, keep essential items that you’re more likely to use separate from everything else. You probably won’t need a snow blower right away if you’re moving in the middle of the spring or summer, but you’ll probably need a hammer or a screwdriver. Pack these items separately from everything else, and make sure that you can find them quickly when you need them.

Packing anything for a move can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Give yourself plenty of time to pack up your garage, and keep these tips in mind. The packing process will be easier than you think.

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