A Checklist for Preparing Your Vehicle to be Shipped by a Carrier

A Checklist for Preparing Your Vehicle to be Shipped by a Carrier

If you’re in the process of moving and need to ship your vehicle, it’s important to prepare it for transport. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your car is ready for shipping. We will provide you with a checklist of items to complete before loading the car onto the truck. Following these steps will help ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and without any damage.

Make Sure There is No More Than 1/4 Tank of Gas in The Car

This will help reduce the vehicle’s weight and prevent any potential leaks during transport. It also helps to prevent gas from evaporating and damaging the paint.

Make Sure the Battery is Fully Charged

A dead battery will make it difficult for the driver to load your car onto the truck. It’s also good to disconnect any aftermarket electronics to prevent them from draining the battery.

Wash the Car and Remove All Loose Items from the Interior

This will help keep the interior clean during transport and prevent any items from moving around and becoming damaged. It also helps the driver see any potential damage that may have occurred during loading.

Check for Fluid Leaks and Repair Them Before Shipping

Fluid leaks can be dangerous for the driver and cause damage to the truck. Ensure you check for any leaks and repair them before shipping. This includes oil, coolant, and brake fluid.

Check the Tires for Any Damage and Inflate Them to the Proper Pressure

Tires that are low on air can cause problems during transport. Ensure you check the pressure and inflate them to the proper level. Also, check for any damage to the tires and repair or replace them.

Have a Copy of Your Registration and Proof Of Insurance Ready

You will need to provide the carrier with a copy of your registration and proof of insurance. This is for their records and in case of any accidents during transport.

Disable Any Alarm Systems that are Attached to the Car

Alarms can go off during transport and cause problems for the driver. Ensure you disable any alarm systems before shipping.

Give the Carrier a Set of Keys for The Car

The carrier will need a set of keys to be able to load and unload the car. Ensure you give them a set of keys before shipping.

Ensure There’s Someone Available to Meet the Carrier at the Destination

The carrier will need someone to be there to meet them at the destination and sign for the car. They’ll also need someone to help them unload the car. Make sure you have someone available to do this before shipping.

Have All Pertinent Paperwork Ready

You will need to have all pertinent paperwork ready before shipping. This includes the bill of landing, proof of insurance, a copy of your registration, and a list of any special instructions. 

Special instructions could include where to park the car at the destination, how to load the car onto the truck, and any special care that the car may need.

Following these steps will help you prepare your vehicle for shipping by a carrier. If you have any questions, ask the carrier for more information.

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