A Guide to Chartering a Luxury Yacht

If you are of the opinion that chartering a luxury yacht is beyond your means, you’ll be happy to learn that when a group of people share the costs, suddenly, yacht charter becomes very affordable. Take 6 couples, as an example, the charter cost is shared among 12 people, which makes it a very affordable holiday and as everything is included in the price, you won’t be needing to take much spending money.

Choosing a Charter Company

Of course, there are a few yacht charter companies out there and the best place to start would be a Google search, which will give you a list of websites. Whether yacht charter in Phuket or Indonesia, which are two of the favourite departure points for those who wish to enjoy a floating holiday in a tropical paradise. Once on the website, browse the impressive fleet of luxury catamarans, yachts and superyachts, the ultimate in floating luxury, and when you choose a vessel, check on the bookings and talk to someone in the chat window.

Crewed Charter

Unless you happen to be a seasoned skipper, you will want a fully crewed boat, which could be from 3-12 members, depending on the size of the vessel and with a seasoned crew, you can relax and enjoy the experience. The crew have their own quarters and are focused on providing the very best of service for the client and their knowledge of the region can help you to plan the perfect route. If the floating holiday means you have to take your dog to a kennel, click here.


The premier region for yacht charters is South East Asia, with Phuket and Malaysia being the major ports of departure and we recommend cruising the stunning Andaman Sea, where you can experience marine life such as bottle-nose dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks. The famous Phi-Phi Islands are just off Phuket and spending a week touring this region offers you just about everything. The schedule is flexible and if you fancied spending the night in one of the island coves, then so be it.

Other Regions Covered

You can cruise the following regions:

  • Australia, Indonesia
  • Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam
  • Caribbean, Mexico
  • Philippines
  • South Pacific
  • Singapore

Choosing your Menus

As you are the client, you get to choose from a fabulous range of cuisines, or a mixture of many, as the onboard chef knows his stuff and as far as the bar is concerned, the vessel will be fully stocked with all your favourites, including snacks.

Designed Around You

The entire holiday is designed around your preferences, from the route and destination, to the snacks and music. The charter company have a wealth of hands-on experience and can advise regarding route and stop-offs, but you can always change that schedule at any time, and we must remember that weather also plays a part. It is a good idea to keep abreast of travel restrictions during the pandemic, as things can change very quickly with virus transmission.

Start by browsing charter websites and that should lead to looking at vessels and routes, while you can discuss details with the operator and the planning can begin.

Author: Manager