A Look at the Most Common Types of Garage Door Repairs

A Look at the Most Common Types of Garage Door Repairs

This article will examine some of the most common types of garage door repairs and the costs associated with these repairs. It is essential to know what kind of repair is required to avoid overpaying for something that would be an unnecessary expense.

Broken Spring Repair

Broken springs are one of the most common garage door repairs and can be very dangerous. It is essential to understand that a broken spring may not be visible from the outside of the garage door. You may need to look through a window or access panel to check whether a broken spring is leading down from the top of the door or from within the garage opener mechanism.

Sensor Alignment

This repair involves the safety sensors. The safety sensors are lead from the sidewall of the garage to a box in the ceiling of the garage. This box contains a video camera and an infrared sensor that picks up on movement relative to this box. When there has been movement, either in height or width, they trigger an alert sent to a microcomputer in your home. If this computer is programmed to catch these signals and react, it can cause your garage door opener to stop and even reverse itself if too much force is placed on the door.

Broken Track Repair

A bent or broken track repair is the most common way to repair a garage door. It is what most people picture when they think of a garage door. The metal track runs from one end of the garage to the other like a giant metal ribbon. If it is not secured correctly, this can cause wobbling in your door and damage your opener mechanism.

Track Misalignment Repair

A track misalignment repair is similar to a bent or broken track repair, except that it involves improperly installing tracks at an angle from one another. It causes gaps in your door and can also cause damage to your opener and tracks themselves because they are being stressed out of their normal position relative to one another.

Cable Repair

A broken cable repair is relatively common and involves the steel cable that runs through the bottom of your garage door. This cable is responsible for lifting your door up and down. If it breaks, it can cause a dangerous situation where the door begins to fall on top of anyone who may be in the garage and may even damage your opener mechanism.

Bent or Broken Rollers Repair

A bent or broken roller repair can happen for many reasons, including foreign objects like rocks or large pebbles falling into the tracks of your door because you have dirt and grime buildup in them from everyday use, which causes them to become slick over time and damage from high traffic to the garage.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of garage door repairs. A well-maintained garage door will save your life, but it will also help keep you and your family safe from falling through the broken window caused by a broken spring. Without knowing what type of repair is needed, you could easily overpay for something unnecessary.

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