Clever Ways to Make Parking Painless

Not many of us are fortunate to find parking space wherever we go. A lot of times, the only place where we are guaranteed a parking spot is where we live. What happens when you move to a new neighborhood or when you travel to an unfamiliar town and you have to find parking? The truth is that it’s never easy. There are bound to be problems if you are not clever about it.

Other than not finding a parking area around you, the other challenge is finding the right space. For one, the parking spaces that you find may not have a slot for you. Sometimes, they are too crowded to even park. You may end up wasting fuel as you try to find a slot. Additionally, it may be confusing to find your car after parking if the park is jammed. Simply put, the whole experience can be painful. However, you can make it is painless by using the right strategies.  

Here are 7 clever ways to master:

  • Smart Parking Apps

Today, we have mobile applications that allow you to know what parking areas are open when driving around. They are often referred to as Smart Parking Apps and include Parking Panda, Parker, Best Parking, and Robin. Parking Panda, for example, not only informs you about available parking spots, but it also allows you to reserve your parking spot. This means you are always assured of a slot once you book online. Furthermore, it’s known to provide amazing discounts to its subscribers. Actually, you can get a coupon for first time Parking Panda order on

  • Local Driving Apps

Most cities have local driving apps that visiting motorists can use to move around. For instance, you can use them in NYC, San Francisco, and Maryland. Other than showing directions and distances, these apps also show parking spaces. Therefore, you can use them to identify specific parking spots that are open. You just need to check the app before you drive off to ensure that you head to the right parking.

  • Advanced Booking

Whether you prefer to use a parking app or to make a call, it’s advisable to always book before you start your trip. Sometimes, you may have to pre-pay to reserve the space. This is actually great since no one will take your slot. If it happens, then the parking management will have some explaining to do. In most cases, they’ll have to find you alternative parking space.

  • Parking Reminder

Since it can be confusing to know where your car is parked in a congested parking area, a parking reminder may help a great deal. You can ask someone who is with you to take note of where the car is parked in case you become confused. If the lanes are numbered or named, then you should take note of where your car is parked. The other option, which is more practical, is taking a photo of your car and the surrounding ones. The photo will help you find your car easily.

  • Parking Cartels

In the area you are traveling to, it’s highly probable that there are individuals or companies known to manage the local parking spaces. They are in a better place to help you if you are not familiar with the neighborhood. Though you’ll have to pay extra for the assistance, the cartels will direct you to comfortable and safer parking. So, contact them to save yourself some valuable time.

  • Ask Around

You can ask friends and neighbors about the availability of parking areas in areas you plan to visit. You should do it before you make a trip. You can also ask the local parking authority. Give them a call to make an inquiry and to make a booking if possible.

  • Arrive Early

Even if you are told that a particular parking area never runs out of open parking spots, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one unless you book in advance. So, the secret is to go there early so that you can pick a more desirable space. Preferably, it should be towards the peripherals for easy driving out. This strategy is quite important when you want to park at an event or entertainment spot.

Even though finding good parking can be hectic, there are ways to make it effortless. Using the above ideas, it should be easy to find a parking space where you are going and be able to park seamlessly. This means you’ll be able to save fuel and valuable time in the process.

Author: elli schmitt