Do Motorcycle Tires Need to Match?

No two motorcyclists are the same. In fact, different types of motorcycle riders and riding styles have been identified. Motorcyclists choose bike sizes and models, and accessories that best fit them and their riding style. For this reason, it is likely that different motorcyclists may have differing opinions on some aspects of motorcycle riding, such as what brand of motorcycles is the best, what brand of helmets is the best, to wear gloves or not to wear gloves, and what kind of tires to get.

Tires are one of the most important features on a motorcycle which is why a lot of thought should go into choosing the right kind of tires for a motorcycle. Motorcyclists might differ in their opinions on whether tires should match or not. When it is time to replace old tires and buy new ones, some motorcyclists may prioritize getting tires that match, while others may not think having tires that match is a big deal. There are many things a motorcyclist should consider when weighing the outcomes of buying tires of different types and brands, or having a rear tire that does not match the front tire.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Tires

It has been reported that in 2017, there were more than 700 motor vehicle fatalities in tire-related crashes. Some motorcyclists have personal preferences about how they like their tires to look, and what kind of rims they like best, but it is important to remember that the right tires for a motorcycle are tires that are as safe as they can be. Motorcycle riders should consult a top motorcycle retailer for reliable, high-quality motorcycle tires, as well as to get professionals’ opinions on if matching tires are best.

A simple yet important aspect of tires to remember is that they are manufactured as an identical pair. This is the main reason why riding with matching tires might be better than riding with tires that do not match. Tires that are manufactured in a set are made of the same material, are the same size as each other, have the same sized rims, have the same speed rating, and have identical tread design and tire pressure. They are tested together to ensure they have equal performance and traction and handling capabilities. A motorcyclist can more easily and safely maintain stability and control with a matched pair of tires.

The Benefits of Matching Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle riders should think about the maintenance that they must keep on their motorcycles. To optimize a motorcycle’s performance and safety, motorcyclists have to change the brake pads when necessary, and regularly balance and rotate the tires. Balancing and rotating a matched pair of tires is probably going to be easier than balancing and rotating a mismatched pair.

It can be hazardous for a motorcyclist to ride a motorcycle with a different-size tire on the front than on the back. Tires of different sizes are more prone to incurring wear unevenly and handling damage differently. Should a motorcyclist have the misfortune of puncturing a tire or riding into a pothole, or incurring damage any kind of way, it is best for them to replace the old tire with one that is identical to it and identical to the other tire that is still in use. The best option for replacing tires is to replace both tires at the same time, and be consistent, making sure they are the same brand and size so they have equal performance capabilities. If a motorcyclist can only afford to replace one tire at a time, they should ensure that it matches the other tire on the motorcycle.

Identical, matching tires may provide an optimized motorcycle riding experience that is superior to using tires that do not match, because matching tires are designed to work together.


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Do Motorcycle Tires Need to Match?