Effective ways to deal with a car blocking your driveway

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you when you wake up early and are already late for work is if someone parks in your driveway and you don’t have any space to move your car. People think that parking in someone else’s driveway is okay. However, speaking in legal terms, it is absolutely against the law to park in someone else’s driveway. There are actions that one can take to sue the people who illegally park in your driving space.

If you bought a house and a place where you park your car , you are the rightful owner of that property and if someone else, without your consent, uses that space for their personal property, you have every right to use your blocked driveway towing right.

Following are some of the effective ways through which you can deal with someone blocking your driveway: 

Negotiate with the person

The first and most mature thing you can do as the rightful owner of a parking space is to talk to the person who’s causing the damage or using your personal property as their “Free space”. It’s always better to come to terms with the person so you wouldn’t have to go and create a fuss. Just talk to the person nicely, ask them to not park in your space. Make it sound convincing that you own this place and only you’re allowed to decide who gets to park here. Of course, if the owner is being disrespectful or refuses to take your request, you can always call the police. 

Calling the Police 

Before you tow someone’s car, make sure you have the notice for it. This is important because it’s easier for you to take control in your own hands and call a tow truck. However, if you do that, the owner of the car can sue you for any car damage. Which is why, calling the police is a much safer way to tow someone’s car. They can give the car a ticket and either tow it themselves or you can take the notice from them and get it towed yourself. One thing you need to remember is that the tow fee is on you. The owner of the car is only going to be paying the “Storage fee” of illegally parking in your space. 

Installing Security cameras:

It is necessary that you keep a record of all the things happening in your space. With the help of a security camera, you will have evidence of who uses your parking space and if they refuse later on, you can very easily call the emergency towing service and get that car out of the way next time they park without permission. To make this more effective, you can put up stickers saying that this place is under surveillance so no one dares to park there.


One of the best old school methods that are still effective is to put up a “No Parking” sign outside your house. The sign helps people who are not aware and is a threat to the one who thinks it’s okay to park in someone else’s parking space. With the help of this sign, anyone who parks will know the consequences of their vehicle being towed. And no one wants that. 

Putting up a Fence

The last thing you can do so that no one would interrupt you or your space is to put up a fence. It is one of the best ways to avoid any vehicles standing your way. With the help of a fence, no one would ever park in your space and in most cases, it kind of goes with your entire house’s look. Fences can be any form of barrier such as traffic cones, collapsible bollards Sydney or little gates. However, before installing or setting up any of these, you should contact the local encode enforcement office to make sure it’s complied with the local regulations. 

However, if none of this works and you’re still wondering what to do, you can always get the other person’s vehicle towed. Just do some research on “Towing companies near me” and you’re bound to find something. You would be surprised how common car towing is in Brooklyn

Author: Full Editorial