How Car Design Is Creeping Into The Home

When your mind thinks of car manufacturers, their contribution to your home’s design rarely (if ever) crosses your mind. No car manufacturer can claim to make the best quartz kitchen countertops or an excellent bathroom flooring texture pattern. Yet, the companies engaged in building the world’s vehicles have had a lot to do with interior design in the last few decades. A lot of guys would enjoy having a house interior that was designed just like a car. Home furnishing manufacturers are taking a cue from auto manufacturers, so much so that we may be able to have car-seats in our living room furniture before too long. In this article, we’ll look at how a furniture manufacturer partnering with a car company can bring their technology into the world’s living rooms.

Sustainable Development Leading to Partnerships

Car manufacturers have been trying to make their manufacturing process more sustainable in recent years. Much of their manufacturing is now outsourced to small firms. New Mobility mentions that Bentley has partnered with Gainsborough to help with the sustainable development of their luxury car’s interiors. This partnership is significant because Gainsborough is best known for being a furniture manufacturer, producing fine furnishings since 1903.

What This Means for Interior Design

As a Bentley owner, you’d probably be very excited to know that your car is being furnished by one of the most impressive firms to come out of England. A vehicle’s interior is one of its most poignant selling points, and vehicle manufacturers know how important it is. The design of Bentley’s seats has made it a task to retrieve oneself from the backseat of a car to go into one’s home and sit on a much less comfortable couch or armchair. Not even the most expensive sofas you can put your hands on can approach the comfort of a well-designed back seat of a luxury car.

Learning From the Best

While Gainsborough’s pedigree is unmistakable, their partnership is likely to benefit them more than it does the car manufacturer. Vehicle manufacturers can impart the knowledge of comfort over style to these furniture firms to help them bring the comfort that these cars are known for into the mainstream. Bentley has also launched their own line of furniture for their centenary, making full use of Gainsborough’s manufacturing prowess and name in the industry. The company may be able to discern the secrets of making these cars’ interiors significantly more comfortable than plush furniture.

The focus on most modern furniture seems to be on aesthetics over function. Classic lounge chairs fall prey to this problem almost consistently, putting more effort into the looks than the feel. In the car industry, one cannot sacrifice the latter for the former or vice versa. We can only hope that Gainsborough’s partnership with Bentley will result in more comfortable furniture from the prestigious designer in the future. We’re already seeing some comfortable pieces coming out to celebrate Bentley’s centenary. The hope is that future works will follow in the same vein.

Author: Full Editorial