How To Protect Your Paint Job

Car paint plays a vital role in determining the vehicle’s value. New cars come with factory-finished paint with a transparent coat on top.


The finish helps to keep the professional paint looking its best and prevents it from fading. Replacing this original paint with a new coat can affect your vehicle’s value. Instead of settling for a car with a lower value, take these proactive steps to protect your paint.


How to Make Your Vehicle’s Paint Job More Durable


Preserving factory-finished professional paint is often more affordable than applying a new coat. You can make your car’s paint more durable through methods such as:


1. Regular Waxing


Adding wax is an excellent way to protect the underlying paint coat. The wax forms a protective layer from harmful UV rays and makes cleaning easier.


Car wax comes in different forms that contain synthetic chemicals and natural wax. Paste wax is easy to use, and some brands have mild abrasives. These abrasives can help remove small scratches, leaving a smoother surface.


Wax is also available in liquid form, which is easier to apply and remove. It has an integrated cleaner that is compatible with most clear-coat finishes.


2. Applying Paint Sealant


Paint sealant is another great way to protect your paint, as it’s more durable than wax. The sealant has synthetic polymers that safeguard the paint and give it a glossy finish.


Paint sealants work with waxed surfaces for additional curb appeal. Since most sealants are toxic, it’s best to allow experts to apply and remove the coating.


3. Adding a Paint Protection Film


You’ll need superior protection if your area has direct sunlight, road salt, or dirt roads. Adding a coat of protective thermoplastic urethane will help reduce damage.


The PPF (paint protection film) requires a professional application. It’s suitable for parts that are prone to wear and tear.


Protecting Your Paint from Environmental Factors


Extreme weather and temperature fluctuations are bad for your car’s paint. It’s therefore vital to keep it protected from debris and the elements.


Proper Parking


Parking under a shade goes a long way toward protecting your paint. It’s the simplest yet effective way to prevent damage from bird droppings, acid rain, and UV rays.


If you don’t have a permanent garage, consider getting a temporary shelter for harsh weather.


Investing in a Car Cover


Where parking in a garage is impossible, the other alternative is to keep your car fully covered. Look for a water-resistant cover that fits well, and remember to use it as often as possible.


Regular Cleaning


Maintaining a clean car is an excellent way to make the paint more durable. Leaving grime and dirt on the paint surface can accelerate oxidation and fading.


Washing your car eliminates grime, dirt, and dust that damage the finish. It also reduces the effects of UV rays on the paint.


Wash the vehicle weekly in a shaded area and use gentle cleaners and soft cloths. Use a salt-free seltzer for tough spots, and rinse well to remove chemicals.


Be proactive; Protect your Investment


Every driver takes pride in a spotless car with an outstanding professional paint job. Although the paint often conquers the elements, it oxidizes and deteriorates over time.


Luckily, taking proactive steps protects your paint and keeps it vibrant for longer. Regardless of the paint’s condition, professionals can help you regain and maintain a pristine paint coat.


Industry experts have extensive experience restoring your vehicle’s condition. 


Author: News Edition