Owning a junk car is nothing new as most people come across old and condemned cars as part of their daily lives. However, if you own a junk car, there are several reasons why you should decide against leaving it on your property.

Finding it baffling why ScrapMyCarOttawa.com has recommended that all junk car owners get rid of it? Below are some of the reasons why you should also get rid of the junk car sitting on your property.

Reasons to get rid of the Junk Car

1.) Junk cars constitute nuisance on your Property

One of the biggest disadvantages of keeping junk cars on your property is that it lowers the value, appeal, and appearance of your property. While you may take pride in the state of the art exterior and interior, or the new exterior paint job recently completed on your property, the junk car will serve as an eyesore and blemish which will reduce the appeal of your property. In addition, your property may become the play spot for uninvited neighbors and kids who find the sedentary junk car to be a shelter for their next thrill. Getting rid of the junk car, however, opens up space on your property which can be adapted for some activities including gardening.

2.) Exposure to leaky fluids

A car that is sedentary and not running overtime will begin to wear out in some areas. With oil and other vehicular fluids standing in it for long, the pipes and hoses begin to relax and over time give way, leading to leakages. Parked and unused vehicles will tend to leak even more and these fluids contain chemicals that are environmentally harmful and damaging both to plant and animal life. Getting rid of your junk vehicle protects you from the possibility of exposure to dangerous and toxic fluids.

3.) Paint Erosion

Leaving your junk car to stand in place for a long time exposes it to the constant sun which over time will cause the paints to erode. Eroded paint will over time give you the brown spots which are associated with metal rust and further disfigure your property or lower its appeal. Also, your property is exposed to chemicals as a result of paint flakes which are caused due to the progressive rust of the metals.

However, taking the vehicle to the scrap yard will protect you and your property from such an embarrassment.

4.) Accumulation of rust

A great way to spot a junk car is the characteristic appearance of brown patches or spots which have replaced the once beautiful paint. Rust develops faster when the junk car has been left exposed to all weather elements including rain and sunshine. If your junk car has taken on the rust appearance, it is best that you do away with it as fast as possible.

5.) Unwanted visitors

Another major reason why you should get rid of your junk car is that it plays host not only to playful kids by day but also to pests and other dangerous animals by night and day. The abandoned vehicle may become a nest for rats to breed in thus significantly increasing the pest problems you suffer in the home.

Having decided to get rid of your junk vehicle, there are certain steps you should take to enable you to make the most from such sale.

Recommended steps to take when planning on getting rid of your Junk Car.

i.) Look for a trusted Junk Car Removal Service

A trusted and reliable junk car removal service like ScrapMyCarOttawa.com will be able to cater to your needs while also presenting you with a fair quote for your junk car. When you choose a professional, you may also enjoy additional perks such as free transportation to the junkyard or instant pick up from your property.

ii.) Gather all the vital Information and Paperwork

When selling your junk car, prepare to have a smooth sale by gathering all the needed vehicle information. Some of the most important documents that will be demanded as part of the process include;

– Valid Picture ID carrying your legal name

– Vehicle Title

– Vehicle details including the make, model, and year

– Operational confirmation

– List of damages

iii.) Remove All Personal Items

As part of the sale process, it is recommended that you carry out a thorough search of the car to remove all personal items from the vehicle. Areas, where you should focus your attention on, include the glove compartment, trunk, center console, basket, bin, above the visors, floorboard, under floor mats and more.

iv.) Use up the Gas.

You can also use up or drain the vehicle gas as part of the sale process. If the vehicle is still operational, you may decide to take it for one last spin, using up the gas to avoid a negative balance on the value placed on the junk car.

To learn more about preparing your vehicle for the junkyard, visit ScrapMyCarOttawa.com

Author: Brady Anderson