Scrap Car Removal Tauranga: How To Prepare Your Vehicle

In the bustling city of Tauranga, scrapping an old, unwanted vehicle is easier than you might think. Thanks to the area’s array of scrap car removal services, saying goodbye to your junk vehicle can be hassle-free and eco-friendly. Generally, car wreckers contribute to a booming global vehicle recycling market that hit a staggering USD$67 billion in 2021 and is projected to escalate to an impressive USD$139.8 billion by 2027.

A crucial step for a seamless car-junking process is preparation before sending it to a well-regarded scrap car removal Tauranga. Preparation helps avoid potential hitches during removal and maximizes the possible return on your scrap vehicle. In this article, let’s explore the key steps and aspects of prepping your junk-bound car.

Choosing a reputable removal service provider

Choosing an exemplary car wreckers Tauranga company is the first and most crucial step in your scrap car removal journey. It ensures a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, transparency is an essential aspect when selecting. The company should offer transparent, upfront pricing, helping you avoid any hidden fees or unexpected costs. A considerable 85% of individuals indicate that a company’s track record of transparency makes them more inclined to offer it a second opportunity even after an unfavorable encounter.

In addition to transparency, confirm that the chosen service offers free towing. Not all scrap car removal services provide this, but it’s a provision that can save you time and money. Remember, you shouldn’t be out of pocket to dispose of your old vehicle. Saving on minor expenses like towing ensures you have enough cash in your pocket.

Knowing your car’s worth

Before selling your vehicle for cash, it’s essential to understand its financial value. Assessing your car’s make, model, and condition is a crucial process in determining its worth. Different makes and models carry varying scrap values. Some makes and models of vehicles are more valuable because they’re in higher demand and tend to fetch higher prices.

Furthermore, if your car is in better condition with working parts, it may be worth more than a non-running or severely damaged vehicle. Parts that can be salvaged increase the overall value. Older cars may have features that are rare and hard to find, which could increase their value. On the other hand, newer models may have parts in higher demand in the current market. Components like GPS systems, premium sound equipment, new tires, or high-demand parts can increase the total value of your vehicle.

Weight is also another factor that could affect the value. Since vehicles are often sold for scrap metal, their weight can impact their value. Heavier cars usually have more metal and thus may be worth more.

An equally important step is browsing online platforms to get an idea of prices for scrap cars like yours. These platforms provide a useful benchmark, giving you a realistic expectation of your car’s value and ensuring you don’t undersell. Plus, you’d want to consider the value of certain parts.


Scrapping your car hurriedly without adequate preparation can lead to the loss of personal items, noncompliance issues, or environmental harm. Below are three vital things to do before handing over your vehicle to removal companies:

1.Gather the required documents

Proper documentation is a fundamental prerequisite when handing your car to a car removal service. The most crucial document is your car’s title. This official paperwork proves your ownership of the vehicle. Further, you need a valid photo ID to confirm your identity alongside your car’s title. Ensuring all these documents are in place simplifies the process and saves you potential headaches.

Lastly, remember to remove the license plates from your vehicle. Return them to the authorities to officially deregister the car from your name.

2. Remove personal belongings

Removing personal items from your vehicle might seem an instinctive process, but it’s often underestimated and overlooked. It’s surprising how many belongings can accumulate in a car over time. Everything, from important documents to jewelry, can be hidden and forgotten.

Ensure to comb through your vehicle with a keen eye. Pay special attention to commonly overlooked spots, like the glove compartment, under the seats, and trunk. Be meticulous, as items left behind can be lost forever once the scrap car removal service hauls away your car. Being thorough in this step can save you from losing valuables and personal belongings.

3. Use up remaining gasoline

While it might seem trivial, check for any leftover gasoline in your vehicle. From a safety perspective, most scrap yards drain any excess fuel from vehicles before the dismantling process begins. The drained fuel, unfortunately, often goes to waste. So make sure to use it up, if any.

Petrol prices continually rise year after year. In 2021, the typical cost for high-grade gasoline hovered around NZD$2.4 per liter, while standard-grade gasoline was roughly NZD$2.21 per liter. Not using the remaining fuel in a junk-bound car is tantamount to throwing money away. Using the remaining fuel saves money and ensures you get the most from your vehicle until the end.


Preparing your car for scrap removal in Tauranga doesn’t have to be arduous. From knowing your car’s worth to using up the remaining gasoline, every step plays an essential role in maximizing the value of your scrapped vehicle.

Furthermore, with the careful selection of a reliable service, you can ensure your old vehicle’s disposal is handled professionally and responsibly. This way, you’ll get the best possible value for your scrapped car and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

Author: June McGown