Should You Choose Invisalign Or Braces?

A stunning statistic I recently came across is that 90% of people have crooked teeth! This problem has plagued dentists as well as scientists. For many people, their teeth’s crookedness is unbearable, an eye sore they are desperate to get rid off. Thankfully, there are solutions to the problem of crooked teeth. Invisalign and braces are the most common orthodontic solutions for crooked teeth. Knowing which one is right for you is the big question. The essential question we will attempt to answer is whether you should choose Invisalign or braces. 

Your oral goals will determine which treatment is best for you. You need to ask yourself several questions.

What is Your Financial Situation?

Braces can cost up to $6000 and even more. This of course depends on how crooked your teeth are. Even in a situation where you need only a few adjustments, you are looking at spending at least $2500. These are big numbers for a lot of people. Invisalign’s cost has been coming down for many years, but it is still more expensive than getting metal braces. WIth Invisalign, you are looking at spending between $1800 and $4800 over 24 to 36 months. Comparing the two, Invisalign will usually end up being the more expensive option. From a budgetary standpoint, this makes it unattractive. 

Is It Important to Appear Natural?

Here’s where Invisalign shines. Nobody has ever accused braces of being natural looking or subtle. They stand out, they’re obvious, they are often ugly. Designed with wires and brackets, they make your smile very unattractive. They are a sacrifice you make for the future, accepting a certain degree of ugliness while you get there. 

Invisalign, on the other hand, provides an invisible solution. It uses clear aligners that are virtually invisible, to straighten your teeth. To the casual observer, there will be no change to your teeth. If you are concerned about the naturalness of your look, then Invisalign is the way to go. 

As harsh as this sounds in terms of braces, it is possible to get better looking braces that won’t be so ugly. Lingual braces are an option: they are attached behind your teeth rather than in front of them, making them more discreet. You could also get clear braces. Invisalign is, overall, the better option, but you can, as I said, find more natural looking braces. 

Do You Want to Be Able to Quickly Remove Them?

It can be a rather uncomfortable and difficult experience getting your teeth straightened, regardless of whether you are using Invisalign or braces. You may find yourself wanting to remove the braces or Invisalign. If this will be a consideration, then braces are the way to go. They can be removed much more easily than Invisalign. 
A lot of people find that braces are a better option for their oral problems. This isn’t true for everyone, especially not for people who need only minor straightening. Invisalign has a lot of wonderful qualities that have made it incredibly popular. You need to discuss this with your orthodontist before you make your decision.

Author: Full Editorial