The Benefits Of Gaming In Your Car For The Kids

Many people say that video games stunt people’s minds and they leave them unable to mix with other people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Videogames are an essential part of modern life and you will see games consoles in many homes all across the country. Thanks to modern technology, your children can now play videogames in the car and that is an excellent way to keep them occupied especially on long trips. In the past, parents had to contend with children who were incredibly bored because they were stuck in the back seat for hours on end with absolutely nothing to do. Most modern cars can come with games consoles as an added extra and many of the top end cars and vans already have them pre-installed.

You can even get a specialised gaming chair from the JIB that can be installed in your vehicle, as well as all of the other important items that your kids might need. Before you dismiss these games as distractions for children and just an easy way for parents to be able to handle the kids, please read about the many benefits video games provide for everyone.

1. They improve your manual dexterity – This may be a surprise to you, but people who play video games from the 5 most valuable tech brands and are used to using their hands using the joystick buttons and this actually helps them in real life. Studies have shown that people who have gone on to specialise in the medical field were much more able to perform many advanced medical procedures a lot easier than their counterparts who didn’t play videogames at all. They also made fewer mistakes than those who didn’t play and there are even video games that are used for physical therapy to help people get control back in their hands and in the wrists.

2. It gives you better social skills – This may come as a surprise to many also because they wrongfully assume the children who play videogames are not very social people. The opposite is in fact true and normally shy children who play videogames go on to have better social skills, they perform better academically and they are unable to build better relationships with other student friends because they can talk together about the many different games that they can enjoy and play together.

3. You solve problems better – Modern videogames can be quite complex and they require you to solve many different puzzles that can take many hours to complete. This will allow your kid to think outside the box and to be able to strategise and to increase their skill set while trying to navigate the game. Children who play games that involve complex strategies have been found to have better problem-solving skills and so they get better grades in school. It is important to have limits and boundaries when it comes to video games and you learn about that here

Even school teachers are now using learning games to get children to become more interested in the subjects that they are trying to teach. If videogames were detrimental to your child’s physical and mental health, then surely teachers would know something about this.

Author: Manager