The Top 3 Benefits Of an MOT Test For Your Motorcycle

In the United Kingdom, it is mandatory for your motorcycle to go through an MOT, to make sure that it is roadworthy, and safe to drive. The government puts this test in place for your benefit, and for the benefit of other road users. You would be surprised at the number of motorcycles currently driving on the UK roads, that are in bad mechanical condition, and are totally unsafe for the user. It is the UK government’s plan to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents occurring in the country, and the MOT is one of the ways to make sure that vehicles are mechanically sound.

Many people don’t do ongoing maintenance with regard to anything on the motorbike, and that includes even thetyres, and the necessary air pressure. These are simple procedures that most people can do themselves, but many fail to do so. Thankfully, you can rely on Wheels Honda to provide you with the mechanical knowledge and parts, to ensure that your motorcycle passes the MOT test. The benefits of an MOT test for your motorcycle are numerous, but we will only look at a few of them here today.

  1. It keeps you safe – Just because there doesn’t appear to be any issues with your motorcycle, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any occurring. It is not possible to see internal issues with regard to your engine, or your suspension, and these will only be spotted by a competent motorcycle mechanic. It is their job to spot small issues, before they become major problems, and they end up causing you a considerable amount of money to fix. These fixes may even save your life. Rather than asking for opinions as to what you should do with your wrecked car or motorcycle, put it through the MOT, and hopefully you won’t have to ask this question.
  • It protects the value of your motorcycle – If you weren’t required to put your motorcycle through an MOT every single year, then it is very likely that you would just drive your motorcycle, until it breaks down. At that point, your motorcycle engine may need a complete overhaul, and this will affect the value of your motorcycle, if and when you decide to sell it. A prospective buyer will know that work has being done on the bike, and they will offer you less money, or just walk away from the motorbike together.
  • It’s good for the environment – There are many motorcycles currently running on the UK’s roads, that are emitting harmful exhaust fumes, because the oil hasn’t been changed, and neither have the filters. At least with the MOT test in place, motorcycle owners are forced to change the oil and filter in the motorcycle engine, so that it can pass the emissions test. Without the MOT, you would have motorcycles driving around the UK, belching out harmful smoke. If you would like to know more about the UK MOT test, then have a look here.

The MOT test is there to make sure that if you are driving your motorcycle at high-speed, that the motorcycle sticks firmly to the road, and you get to your final destination safely. Every motorcycle owner should be performing ongoing maintenance throughout the year, but sadly, many don’t, and this is why we have a requirement for the MOT test in the United Kingdom.

Author: Manager