The Ultimate Checklist for a Smooth Home Relocation

We all know just how stressful moving house can be, as all of your treasured possessions are manhandled by strangers, and with so many things to arrange, it is no surprise that moving house is not on anyone’s favourite things to do list. If you are planning to relocate sometime this year, here is our ultimate checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Create a Main List – The list would include agencies/companies to contact regarding the move. Utility providers and subscriptions, plus any domestic services that you use on a regular basis – they all need to be informed of your relocation. Cancelling cable TV subscriptions and informing magazines of the new address must be included, while making sure there are no other services that need your attention.
  • Removals Company – The secret to a smooth relocation is finding a comprehensive removalist – one that handles the packing and has a team of removal experts who care. Many people choose Gold Line Removals in Sydney for that very reason, as this company has been moving Sydney residents for many years and is well respected within the community.
  • Create an Inventory – You should walk around the house with your partner, taking note of all items that are definitely included in the move, and this is the list you will give to the removal company.
  • Waste Removal – There will always be things that you no longer want, and you can hire a small skip for unwanted items, or have a yard sale, which will help pay for the move. Some removalists will handle waste removal, so it is worth asking.
  • Packing – Ideally, this would be the domain of the removalist, who would always label boxes to make the unpacking easier, plus they will supply all packing and protective equipment to ensure that your possessions are not damaged during the move.
  • House Cleaning – When you vacate a property, it is important to leave the place in a clean state, and if you have neither the time nor the inclination to do that, there are house-cleaning companies at your service.
  • Preparing the New Home – It goes without saying that your new dwelling should be ready for occupation when you arrive with the removal truck, and with utilities turned on, you can begin the process of unloading.
  • Telephone Confirmation – This can help to avoid a misunderstanding; people do make mistakes, and calling utility providers the day before the move is all it takes to confirm that the services will be ready. Of course, you should confirm your dates (in writing) with the removal contractor, who will make sure that the team is at your address early in the morning.

Ask any event planner and they will tell you that lists ensure that you know exactly where you are at any stage of the project, and with online solutions, it is very easy to keep in touch with essential parties. Once you have arrived in your new dwelling, you can look forward to a new chapter in your life.

Author: Manager