Tips for Staying Safe While Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

Sharing the road with semi-trucks can be stressful, even for the most experienced driver. But did you know that drivers in passenger cars cause a vast majority of all commercial vehicle accidents? Here are a few tips to follow that can help keep you safe while you are on the road with these big rigs.

Drive Defensively

While many of us feel comfortable driving our cars on the highway, it can be intimidating to end up around a large truck on the busy interstate. Therefore, you should always stay alert while you are on the road. Pay attention to where other vehicles are located, what the flow of traffic is, and any vehicle signals around you. That will help you to anticipate any problems and have time to change course if needed.

Keep a Safe Distance

Driving too close is not recommended for any situation. But it is especially true when you are traveling behind a semi-truck. Doing so could put you at a higher risk of a crash due to sudden stops or a rollover caused by a strong wind. It is best to keep a four-second following distance between you and the tractor-trailer to avoid mishaps.

Avoid any Blind Spots

The right side of a commercial vehicle is the most common blind spot for truck drivers. That can sometimes block their view for as many as three lanes or more. Another blind spot area to keep in mind is directly in front of the truck cab, or behind the trailer. Avoid driving in these zones as much as possible if you want to avoid making a call to a truck wreck attorney.

Dim Your Bright Lights

When you are driving near a semi-truck, be sure that your bright headlights are on dim. Bright lights that reflect off of truck mirrors may cause temporary blindness for the driver. That is a general rule of thumb to follow any time you are at least a block or closer while driving behind a semi.

If you have recently been involved in an accident and would like legal advice on what your next steps should be, get in touch with our legal team. One of our semi truck accident attorneys will be here to help answer any questions you may have and assist you with building your case. Contact us today for more details.

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Tips for Staying Safe While Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks