7 Tips for Selling Used Cars

Getting a car is easy. You can make order online and soon enough, depending on the distance of the sales point, the car will be driven through your gate, horn blaring into your ears. 

The process becomes complicated when you want to sell your used car before you get a new one. And this is why several people prefer to buy used cars from specialized companies such as CarMax. This phenomenon has become so common that the used vehicle retailer has reported considerable increases in its profits in the last years and CarMax stocks have now reached an all-time high. You might just work to a buyer, says Stellam Auto, with high hopes only for your hope to be shattered into a hundred tiny pieces. To avoid such mistakes in the future, you have to plan, strategize and act. If this is your first time selling a used car, this article has come at a good time. 

1. The First Thing Would Be Understanding The Market 

Have a deep understanding of what sells and how well? When you know the market value of the car as a new commodity, you will have a fair understanding of the price you should place on it. Usually, the current price of the car would have dropped from the amount you bought yours. You will want to know the current price of the car. Trusted sellers like Stellam Auto can help determine the price of your used car in case you can’t. 

Finding the price is quite easy though. There are many online platforms that will give you the price of the car. In fact, if you see ads that are specifically for your type of cars, that’s the best place to find the price.

2. The Look Of The Car Matters 

As the saying goes that the first impression is a killer, yes a killer; it could kill the deal and convince the buyer, or it could kill whatever interest the buyer has in the car. Sometimes, the look will make the buyer reduce the price. 

So give your used car a good bath. Fix minor scratch and damages. Do you have a maintenance record that is quite positive and convincing? Get it ready. Selling your car ‘as is’ is possible but you could be walking home with half the price you could have gotten. Not a fair thing for you.

3. Price Correctly 

You have taken your time to know the market. You have done minor fixing of damages. You should consider the price to ask for the car. There are many tools you can use online to find the exact price to ask for your car. Your buyers will negotiate of course, but with the first tip covered, you will know when they are going to low for your car. Stellam Auto can help you. There are many other sources you can use like Yahoo!, Kelley Blue Book, etc. 

Here is a tip: you should add $500 or $1000 so that when buyers negotiate, you will still have a good price for your car.

4. Advertise Your Car The Right Way

There are a number of you can advertise your car. No way is right or wrong depending on the car and what you want. Carefully consider each before making a choice. 

● Use a for sale sign 

They will be in a car where people can notice it easily. The likeliest place is a corner of the rear of the windshield. This might look cheap but it could get the job done and give you a buyer quickly. Think about the number of people who will notice the sign on your car as you commute to work and around town. You are going to meet a lot of people but only a few of them are thinking of getting a new car talk more of a user. However, they might know someone who wants one and that is all you need to sell. 

● Post on websites 

there are a number of local sites and national sites that give you the freedom to display your car for used cars. eBay Motors, Auto Traders and Stellar Auto, etc. People even go to craigslist to buy or sell cars. However, you are wary of scammers. 

While using this method, know that your buyers are not seeing the vehicle physically. Therefore, you need to include as much information as possible. Take as many possible pictures of all sides, interiors and major parts, including where there are scratch and dent. 

● Traditional classified ads 

Although the use of this type of ads is declining, you can’t just rule it out as an option. 

5. Physically Meet Potential Buyers

When you start receiving people’s interest, you should try to meet potential buyers. This will show your level of seriousness to your buyers and you will determine theirs. When you meet physically, you can show them the car and tell them more about the hood, the wheels, the interiors, etc.

Author: Brady Anderson