What to Do if Your Windshield Cracks While Driving

When you jump behind the wheel of your car, you likely don’t give much thought to your windshield. However, when it cracks as you’re driving down the roadway, it will get your attention. Knowing how to safely and effectively handle a cracked windshield is an absolute necessity for any driver on the roadway. From immediate action to future window repair, you want to evaluate the step-by-step process you would like to take.


Stay Focused on Driving


One of the most important things you can do when you experience a crack in your windshield is to focus on driving. Don’t let your attention slip away while you examine the crack to see how bad it is. Simply stay calm and focused on avoiding sudden movements and finding a safe location where you can pull over to further assess the damage.


Evaluate the Crack


Once you get pulled over, you’ll want to assess the damage on your windshield. Take into account its overall size and the location where the crack is present. Whether or not you continue to drive your car will highly depend on your judgment of whether it’s safe or not. If it’s right down your field of view, it’s going to be highly dangerous to drive. However, if it’s a small crack on the passenger side, you’re likely still capable of safely driving to your next location.


Employ a Temporary Fix


While it’s important to get your windshield professionally fixed, a temporary fix may be needed just to make it back home. Clear tape or a windshield repair kit can be essential. Make sure that you avoid putting any sort of pressure on the cracked area. Try to be mindful of the temperature of the glass and avoid going through any sort of extreme weather conditions that can let water seep into your windshield.


Get Professional Repair Service


It’s best to schedule a professional window repair service sooner rather than later. If your vehicle can be safely driven home, you’ll want to search for a nearby auto glass repair shop that you can take your car too. However, if a crack is overly severe and you don’t want to drive, you may want to consider a mobile repair service.


Insurance Coverage


Now can be the perfect time to look over your car insurance policy to see if there’s any coverage for windshield repair replacement. Some policies may include coverage with a little deductible, while others may not. Talking with your insurance company can be a great way to discover what’s covered in your policy.


If you do have insurance coverage for your windshield, then you’ll want to take clear photos of the crack for your insurance claim. Make sure you notate important details like the time, location, and cause of the damage if known. The more documentation you have, the better.


While you might not want to think about it, cracking of your windshield can happen at any point while you’re driving down the roadway. Knowing how to stay calm and focused on driving will help to ensure that you stay safe when this event occurs. Getting prompt and professional repair service is a must to get your car back to running safely.

Author: News Edition