What To Know If You Have Been Arrested For A Driving-Related Offense

Driving is a part of life whether you are running errands or heading to work. Most cities do not have reliable public transportation without adding multiple hours to their commute daily. A large number of drivers are arrested for various charges each year. Arrests can be jarring and lead to a number of issues for a driver in the future. Insurance rates tend to go up immensely if you have been arrested and convicted of a DWI. Below is information you should know when you have been arrested for a driving-related offense.


DWI is taken seriously throughout the US with state laws becoming more strict over the last 40 years. You will be arrested along with have to post bail to be released from jail. Contacting an attorney immediately is the best course of action as you might want your attorney to apply for a work-only license. A Raleigh DWI lawyer can help a person that has been arrested in a variety of ways. You want to rely on experienced legal professionals to get as favorable of an outcome in your case as possible. 

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving charges can come with the same penalties as DWI charges in some cases. Certain states have the same amount of points for a DWI conviction as a reckless driving conviction. You might even have to carry supplemental insurance in some states for years as it is required by law. Speeding well above the speed limit can be one way to have a reckless driving charge. Racing of any kind can also result in reckless driving charges or worse if someone is injured. 

Hit And Run Accident

A hit-and-run accident can be very serious if the other party is injured. There are cases where you do not feel safe due to the behavior of the other driver involved in the accident. Staying at the scene of the accident is the best practice if you feel safe. Contacting the police immediately in the case of an accident is so important as they can write an official accident report for you. You might need a criminal defense attorney in these cases as leaving the scene of an accident is considered criminal unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Drug Possession Due To A Passenger

There are a number of people that have gotten arrested for drug possession due to a person in the car ditching their stash as they were being pulled over. Constructive possession is when a person has drugs in their immediate area. The unfortunate truth is throwing something to the other side of the car might not be noticed as being pulled over is a stressful event. Rideshare drivers can protect themselves from a myriad of situations by having a dash camera. You just have to think reasonably about the people you allow in your vehicle if you do not know them very well. 

Being arrested can be such a whirlwind of events that seem to be happening too quickly. Call an attorney immediately in the case of any arrest as you want the best legal outcome possible in your case. 

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