When Should You See A Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer?

Ridesharing services are popular in California. If driving by yourselves isn’t possible in a huge, sprawling city like Los Angeles, these services provide a more convenient and affordable alternative. It’s crucial to remember Uber drivers face the same dangers of injuries as other road users. If an accident occurs, an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer is indispensable. 

Being the victim in this ridesharing accident will entitle you to claim the appropriate accidental compensation with the help of a reliable attorney who can represent and help defend your case. Los Angeles uber accident attorneys can provide you with all the guidance you need about your legal rights after suffering injuries in a car accident. But when you’re in the middle of an Uber incident, it would sometimes be confusing to know when exactly you need to hire a lawyer.


Read along with this article, and see the different situations that require an attorney’s support.  

  1. If The Driver Or Passenger Incur Permanent Personal Injuries 

If you’re only claiming property damage in an Uber car accident, an attorney may not be necessary. However, you’ll likely sustain personal injuries as a result of the accident. In an Uber personal injury case, many factors can influence the case’s value that’s difficult to quantify and can significantly diminish by a self-interested insurance adjuster. A ridesharing vehicle accident victim’s claim may be paid as little as possible by an insurance company. Adjusters are likely to remove pain and suffering as the primary component of general damages. With a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer beside you, your personal injuries will be compensated justly.  

Three factors determine how much money your insurance provider will pay for your injury: the kind of injury, the projected timeline of recovery, and the current and future healthcare costs. When you seek long-term or permanent disability benefits, your injuries must be severe enough to warrant such a claim. You should hire a car accident attorney who knows the laws inside and out and has connections and access to doctors and medical professionals to prove your disability. 

  1. If You Experience A Wrongful Death Case 

It’s possible to spend significant time and effort on an Uber accident claim and still receive an inadequate settlement for your injuries if you lack experience and expertise working with accident claims. Even if you have proofs like pictures, but you’re not very particular in how to photograph your vehicle after a crash, you might still have a hard time proceeding with recovering damages. Should a loved one pass away in a car accident, you must absolutely hire a top-notch wrongful death attorney. Survivors of wrongful death cases are expected to have an emotional reaction to these types of claims. They’ll require professional attention only an attorney experienced in handling wrongful death claims can provide. 

  1. If The Driver Didn’t Have Insurance 

Uninsured drivers are unlikely to compensate damages after a collision. When a driver lacks liability insurance and bodily injury insurance, there are still ways to get damages. Insurance companies in California are required to cover uninsured and underinsured drivers (UM/UIM). These plans are optional, however. The insurer of an injured driver should compensate them for damages caused by an uninsured driver up to UM/UIM coverage limits if they have UM/UIM coverage. 

Underinsured motorist insurance pays for excess damage, up to the liability limit, if the damage caused by the other driver exceeds the other driver’s liability coverage. Uninsured drivers can still be held liable for damages even without UM/UIM coverage. In many cases, uninsured drivers claim they don’t have the money or assets to pay medical bills or other damages caused by their accidents. You may, however, be able to have your Uber California car accident lawyer investigate their situation to find out if they have any hidden assets as well. 

It’s possible family members can be liable if they let an uninsured family member operate their vehicle. An incompetent driver is liable for causing injury or death if the vehicle owner shows negligent entrustment of the car. 

  1. If Both Drivers Are At Fault 

Both drivers can be negligent in causing an accident in some cases. In fact, there are many common causes of car accident. In California, the injured driver can receive damages compensation, even if he or she shares part of the blame. Damages may, however, be reduced if the driver is deemed at fault for part of the accident. 

The concept of negligence and fault in a California car accident can be a complex one. There may be a blame game between the two parties. Insurance companies may not be keen to investigate the actual facts of an accident since the insured driver lacks proof that the other driver is at fault. 

You should discuss your case with a California Uber car accident lawyer. The position of your case and potential damages can be better assessed by your attorney. You may also be able to have your attorney investigate the accident, have the accident records subpoenaed, and negotiate your compensation with the insurance adjuster. 


In the last few years, Uber accidents and related injuries have been on the rise in California. Get in touch with your accident lawyer today if you’ve been injured in a ridesharing or Uber accident. It’s imperative to rely on professionals regarding severe matters like these.  

Author: June McGown