10 Most Common Work-related Accidents In The United States

Due to statistics, it is evident that workplace injuries are happening far too often. Thousands of American workers are killed on the job or suffer from non-fatal severe injuries.

An employer must provide a safe work environment, but it is also the responsibility of the workers to take appropriate caution when performing their work duties.


Most Common Workplace Accidents

  1. Violent Acts On The Job

Personal attacks due to office politics and other arguments that can lead to serious physical injuries.

  1. Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motions for example typing and using a computer for long periods of time can strain tendons and muscles, causing back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and vision problems. This type of injury is less obvious but can be harmful in the long run.

  1. Machine Entanglement

Fingers and hair can get entangled in heavy equipment or machinery that are used in Factories. Employees must wear adequate personal protective equipment and pull back or fasten long hair to minimize exposure that could lead to injury.

  1. Falling Object Injuries

Head injuries are a common result of objects that fell or being dropped by another person causing severe damage. An employer should keep the work environment free from occupational hazards and provide the employees with personal protective equipment, for example, hard hats to prevent incidents like these.

When you have been injured at work because of your employer’s or a third party’s negligence that put you in harm’s way, you are eligible to claim, or worker’s compensation or you can contact one of the best Texas lawyers that specialize in workplace accident claims to assist you with your case.

  1. Slipping Or Tripping

This is number two when it comes to workplace injuries. This happens when a person trips or slips on a slippery floor or something obstructing the way. Employers should have appropriate safety guidelines in place to ensure that any hazardous spills are cleaned up promptly, and no debris is lying around that can be potentially dangerous.

  1. Vehicle Accidents

Employees that travel for business are often injured in motor vehicle accidents, some of which are fatal. Safe driving policies and safe-driver training can help with reducing accidents.

  1. Falling From Heights

This happens when employees fall from an elevated area such as roofs, stairways or ladders. It can occur due to slip and fall accidents or as a result of faulty equipment. By using proper fall protection equipment and providing training to employees these incidents can be prevented.

falling from height

  1. Overexertion Injuries

Injuries relating to lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, throwing or holding activities at the workplace can be the cause of overexertion injuries sustained.

  1. Reaction Injuries

These incidents relate to tripping or slipping without falling. Common injuries relating to these accidents include muscle injuries, body trauma and a variety of other medical issues. It can be hard to prevent, but when employees pay attention to what is going on in their immediate environment, it can be avoided.

  1. Walking Into Injuries

When a person accidentally walks into solid objects such as walls, doors, glass windows or chairs which results in head, knee, neck and foot injuries.

Author: Brady Anderson