10 Diesel Truck Parts That Experience Frequent Use in Repairs

While your trucks are at the diesel truck shop being repaired, you’ll want to make sure you have the tools you need to get the job done.

Whether you’re working on new or used diesel trucks. You’ll want to have the necessary parts on hand to fix any problems that may arise. You may have some parts on hand, but you might have some trouble finding fasteners, relays, and other necessary diesel truck parts.

To help you figure out which of your parts see the most use in your repairs, this one’s for you. Below you’ll find the top parts that get a lot of use – along with where to find them.

1. Alternators

They are responsible for generating the electrical current used to power crucial components, such as the ignition, headlights, and radio. When an alternator fails, a truck won’t get past a certain speed or may need frequent recharging of its batteries.

Alternators are commonly replaced during repairs and servicing of diesel trucks because of their frequent use and often fail due to wear and tear. Before any repair work is done, the technician needs to remove and inspect the alternator to check for any damage that could compromise its functionality.

2. Starter Motors

Starter motors are responsible for generating the power that is needed to turn the truck’s crankshaft. And when these parts experience wear and tear. It is important to replace them as soon as possible so that the truck is run effectively.

Starter motors typically experience frequent use when a driver is having difficulty starting their truck. As the electrical current provided by the motor helps the starter system engage. Over time, the starter motor can become worn out, so replacing the part can help keep the truck running smoothly and reliably.

3. Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump is an essential part of the electronic fuel injection system. It plays an important role in regulating the pressure and flow of fuel from the tank and into the engine.

Without a properly functioning fuel pump, the engine would not be able to receive the fuel needed to generate power and combustion. Fuel pump failure can cause various symptoms, including engine stalling, misfiring, and reduced power. As a result, fuel pump replacements are frequent in diesel truck repairs.

4. Turbochargers

Turbochargers are commonly replaced by diesel engine parts due to their susceptibility to wear and tear from extreme heat and dust. A turbocharger is a device that uses the energy from the exhaust gas to compress and force more air into the combustion chamber of the engine.

This type of part experiences frequent use in a diesel truck because it can become worn or clogged due to environmental debris and heat. To repair or replace a turbocharger, mechanics must first diagnose the problem by analyzing the exhaust gas.

Once the problem is identified, the professional mechanic can then do to repair or replace existing parts as needed. Such as the turbocharger and all its related components.

5. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an essential part of a vehicle’s performance and are among the diesel truck parts that experience frequent use in repairs. Spark plugs create a spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture to transfer power from the cylinder to the crankshaft of the engine.

As such, faulty or worn spark plugs can lead to a lack of power or misfiring, causing a fuel-wasting poor idle, lower fuel economy, and fouling. Regular maintenance of spark plugs is essential to keep them functioning as intended, and can include cleaning, inspection, and gapping before re-installing.

6. Air and Oil Filters

Air filters protect the engine by trapping and preventing the entrance of harmful particles into the vehicle. Over time, these filters can become clogged and need to be replaced. Oil filters are important for keeping the engine lubricated and preventing the buildup of dirt, debris, and heat.

They should also be changed regularly to ensure that the engine remains in good working order. Both air and oil filters are necessary components of a functioning diesel truck, and replacing them can save time and money in the long run by keeping more serious repairs at bay.

7. Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are often used for diesel truck repairs, and experience constant use in this capacity. They ignite diesel fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine and are vital to the start-up and running of the truck. The heat created from the ignition of the diesel fuel is what allows the engine to begin its cycle.

Regular maintenance and repair of the glow plugs are necessary, as they can become worn or eventually fail to start the truck. Faulty glow plugs can be indicated by slow startups or loud noises during the ignition process. Thus, having working glow plugs in a diesel truck is essential for efficient maintenance and operation.

8. Injectors

The injector handles precisely measuring the optimal amount of fuel for combustion during a diesel engine’s power stroke. The injectors are sensitive and wear out faster compared to other diesel truck parts, leading to their frequent use in maintenance and repairs.

Injectors can become blocked or corroded due to a lack of regular maintenance, leading to low fuel economy, poor performance, and max power capacity. To repair injectors, technicians must either clean or replace them, depending on the severity of the issue.

A popular choice for direct-injection engine diesel repair is the CONSIDER 5.9 Cummins injectors. Which is an affordable yet reliable addition for those who need to repair their diesel engine problems.

9. Air and Fuel Hoses

Air hoses allow air to pass through into the engine and help support air pressure in the fuel system. Air and fuel hoses are usually made of rubber and are subject to wear and tear over time. A damaged fuel hose could cause compromised fuel delivery, which could damage the engine.

It can also cause problems when it becomes brittle or cracked, leading to a reduction in power and a decrease in fuel economy. Thus, it’s important to check for signs of wear on air and fuel hoses before repair work and to replace them as necessary.

10. Coolant Temperature Sensors

This part measures the temperature of the coolant circulating in the engine and then communicates that information to the engine control module. It works by converting the temperature into a varying resistance, which is then interpreted by the engine control module.

If a problem is detected, the module will illuminate a dashboard warning light and possibly control the fuel mixture or set a code. Properly functioning coolant temperature sensors are essential for proper engine performance.

Evaluating the Most Commonly Used Diesel Truck Parts in Repairs

To summarize, diesel truck parts repairs may need several key parts to complete the job. Common parts that are used in a majority of repair jobs are fuel pumps, injectors, turbochargers, and gaskets.

Keeping these parts in stock and well-maintained can help hasten repairs and get you back on the road more quickly. Be sure to contact your nearest truck dealer for the best parts for your truck.

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Author: Brandon Park