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    When Are You Too High To Drive?

    Cannabis legalization is spreading across the United States, both recreationally and medically. This raises thorny legal questions, but let’s just focus on one. When are you too high to drive? That’s a tougher question than it seems, especially for people who use medicinal cannabis. When both states and the federal government made cannabis illegal, any […]

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    Will Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Disrupt the Grocery Market

    With the news that Amazon plans to buy the grocery store chain, Whole Foods, who has more than 460 stores, there is all sorts of speculation going on, such as, whether Amazon will dethrone Wal-mart in the grocery kingdom. Wal-mart has nearly 10x the footprint, not even counting Sam’s Clubs, so this doesn’t seem likely, […]

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    6 Ways to Impress During an Interview

    By Adam Torkildson When you are going for an interview, you’re probably aware of all the cliché advice: come prepared, dress well, research well by reading books among others. Marc Anidjar, attorney and co-founder of Anidjar & Levine, P. A. says it’s important to remember that it’s your skills that matter, more than your knowledge. […]