6 Ways to Impress During an Interview

By Adam Torkildson

When you are going for an interview, you’re probably aware of all the cliché advice: come prepared, dress well, research well by reading books among others. Marc Anidjar, attorney and co-founder of Anidjar & Levine, P. A. says it’s important to remember that it’s your skills that matter, more than your knowledge. “It is the skills you get from the books that will earn you a job and not the number of books you’ve read.”

But beyond these obvious tips, there is one crucial way which you can impress the interviewer and get an increased chance of landing the job: just show how good of a cultural fit you’re for that particular company.

What does this mean exactly? Well, in an interview, ensure that you create an image of yourself that proves that you’ll adapt to this culture.

“People aren’t just hiring you for that particular position, but they are also hiring somebody who’s going to comply with their culture,” says Samantha Ettus, who is highly experienced, after working with various companies including Target, Google, Yahoo, and more.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Work on your handshake: Do not offer up a sweaty or flimsy hand. Instead, when you meet prospective employers, offer a firm handshake—with 1-2 pumps from the elbow to the hand. It is a good way to express your confidence and commence the interview on the right note.
  2. Be serious: If you take your casual approach to the initial interview, you may be sealing your fate. Therefore job seekers should handle every interview as if it is their one and only opportunity to sell themselves to the recruiter.
  3.  Show enthusiasm: go to an interview with a positive attitude. Most interviewers won‘t even think twice about somebody who has a negative presence. “You are selling yourself, by expressing the positivity that you‘ll bring to the office each morning,” explains Alison Richardson, who is a recruiter for various New York financial organizations. “That friendly demeanor and smile go a long way.”
  4. Be inquisitive: When interviewing for a new vacancy, it‘s important to have some questions to ask the potential employer. The questions could include: What are some of the possible challenges?  What do you consider to be the ideal requirement for the position? Do you’ve any concerns which I need to clear up so as to be the top candidate? What is the most significant thing I can do to assist within the first 90-days of my employment?
  5. Show restraint: in an interview, what you avoid saying may be as important as what you say. As a rule, do not talk about benefits or money, especially during the first interview. Instead, you should go to an interview already informed if you fit the parameters. Do not badmouth your past employers. Companies don‘t hire complainers. More importantly, don‘t mention outside part-time jobs or career aspirations. Employers are looking for guys who will be part of their organizations for the next decade and beyond, and not the “trial-and-error” characters.
  6. Tell a story: the interviewer not only want to know exactly about your experiences and skills but also he or she wants to know more about you. However, don‘t shift from routine answers to stories; instead, work your answers into anecdotes or stories about yourself. People recall the individuals who are interesting, therefore, prove your value by sharing stories which address the primary concern an interviewer may have—what can you do for us?

Having observed the above tips among other relevant requirements, you will be well on your way to landing the job you truly want.

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6 Ways to Impress During an Interview