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    The State of Self-Driving Cars In Canada

    You’ve probably been hearing about self-driving cars for a few years, but Canada took a big leap forward with this new technology in October with the country’s first driverless car test on a public road. Although the road was closed at the time, the car used it’s Blackberry-developed technology to navigate traffic stops and pedestrian […]

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    Is Mobile Shelving Right For You?

    Northwestern University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has opened its doors to evangelical students for more than one-hundred years. Surrounded by a beautiful park-like campus, students have been able to study with some of the best teachers in fellowship and faith. But until recently the University struggled with their storage capabilities and technology. They seemed stuck […]

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    What is My Best Option to Solve a Temporary Financial Need?

    It is getting harder to get a bank loan nowadays with more and more people getting rejected for a bank loan due to the current economic situation. So, a bank loan is ruled out if you need some emergency cash to cover your temporary expenses. If you turn to a payday loan, you have to […]

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    What Happens if Your Ride-Sharing Driver Gets into an Accident?

    Ride-sharing services are convenient, but what happens if there’s an accident while the driver is taking you to your destination? More people are using ride-sharing and ride-hailing services, but few of us know what to do if the Uber driver rear-ends the person in front of him, or if another car runs a red light […]