2023 Acura Integra, next-gen Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 hybrid: The Week In Reverse

Cover was broken by a prototype Acura Integra 2023, Nissan revealed details about the next-generation Nissan GT-R, and we saw the Porsche 911 hybrid. We are in Week in Reverse. Motor Authority.

Acura has revealed the new Acura Integra 2023. The iconic nameplate is set to return next year, and the prototype revealed the Integra will  look like a smaller, hatchback version of the TLX sedan. Modelled after the Civic, it will come with a turbo-4 in the engine and a 6-speed manual option. The price will be around $30,000.

Rivian was made public, and the bank accounts of the company went into full swing after its IPO. Although share prices were initially set at $78, the stock traded at $100.73 for the first day, which is a 29% increase. Rivian’s first day of trading saw it surpass Ford and match General Motor’s values, but far less than Tesla.

Makoto Uchida, Nissan’s CEO, said that the company is working on a “new platform” to build the supercar’s next-generation GT-R. Although little is known about the R36 GT-R’s future, there has been renewed speculation as to whether Nissan will offer a hybrid engine under its new platform.

Ford teased yet again the 2022 Bronco Raptor. A new image of the prototype, lightly camouflaged, revealed its massive fender flares as well as 37-inch tires. Video confirmed that the underside of this off-roader had a turbocharged V-6.

The hybrid Porsche 911 is coming, and we spotted an early test mule performing hot laps around the Nürburgring. An apparent 911 Turbo was covered in a yellow sticker. This is required by some countries for testing electrified vehicles. This hybrid model is expected to make its debut in the 992-generation. It will have an integrated electric motor.

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Author: Brandon Park