3 of the Most Dangerous Cars Ever Produced


Cars are meant to make traveling from one place to another not only easier, but safer to do. However, there have been quite a few cars in history that have done the opposite of that and caused quite a bit of harm to those that have been using the vehicle.

In this article, we will go in-depth about the most dangerous cars in history and what they made them dangerous in the first place.

1. Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto is at the top of the list because it made a blatant choice of money over the consumer. The car had an engine defect where the fuel tank was designed poorly and resulted in Ford Pinto explosions.

If a person was involved in an accident, the tank would essentially catch fire, and often people would become trapped in the car.

When reviewing the Ford Pinto case, it’s noted that the company placed a monetary value on human life and decided that paying the extra money to fix the fuel defect wasn’t worth consumer lives. Because of this leak, Ford eventually had to recall the car and make the necessary changes after being taken to court.

2. Yugo

This car has been named the worst car ever, and that is a hefty title to carry, but there are reasons that it earned that name. The vehicle was produced rather quickly and was listed at a meager price to appeal to customers, and it did.

However, most customers would soon realize that there were many issues with the car, primarily the way that it was constructed. The car didn’t move as quickly as other vehicles.

The appearance of the car also left more to be desired with its strange hatchback design. The car would go on to fail many of safety tests, because, during this time as vehicle production was booming in foreign countries, America was trying to keep up with the pace.

When you increase production, there are design aspects that will be overlooked. In the end, Yugo America would declare bankruptcy for the 2nd time in its history.

3. Audi 5000

When you hear about the Audi 5000, you’re going to hear the words “unintended acceleration” quite often. According to the German manufacturers of Audi, there was no issue with the vehicle’s acceleration feature; the people operating the vehicle must have mistakenly put their foot on the gas instead of pressing the brake.

The defect found within the car is an idle stabilizer that helps control acceleration. The car has had multiple complaints about the defect that has also claimed many lives.

Audi stands by the model, and to fix the problem, have recommended that all Audi 5000 owners bring their cars in for free interlock installation.

It’s crucial that before purchasing a car and driving it, you know how to stay safe. If you’d like tips on staying safe while operating a vehicle, check out the link that we’ve provided.

The World’s Most Dangerous Cars Explained

When it comes to the most dangerous cars, the ones that have been mentioned above will stick out in the minds of many people across the world. While the companies have made moves to correct the defects within the cars, it leaves you to wonder why these defects weren’t fixed in the first place.

This article was written with you in mind, and if you’d like to read other similar articles continue scrolling through our blog section.


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3 of the Most Dangerous Cars Ever Produced