4 Easy Ways To Get Your Car Remotes Reprogrammed or Replaced!

Car remotes may function like regular keys do, but they are a lot different than them in terms of what they are. Traditional keys were very limiting for when you wanted to get them replaced. Most of the time, you couldn’t just get away with replacing the key on its own, you had to replace the lock too! With remotes, that’s not how it works! 

There are several different ways and places you can use to program and replace your car remotes! If you’re confused between the options, we’re going to be going over all of the options you have and so you can decide which one works best for you! 

Go to an Auto Parts Store
Car remotes are pretty much part of your car. And local Autoparts stores sometimes stock car remotes too! Head over to your local auto parts store and take your car and car remote along and show it to them. Chances are, you won’t even have to get it reprogrammed because they’ll just have a replacement! The highest chance of this working is if you have a very popular car. The more common your car is, the more likely it is that they’ll carry parts of your car, including the keys.

You can get the remote and have it programmed to your car. This way, your solution is fast, easy, and cost-effective because not only did you not have to wait for the replacement to be shipped, you also didn’t have to pay any shipping costs!

Try an online store
On the off chance that the Autoparts store doesn’t have the car remote that matches your car, which can happen, you’re going to need to look elsewhere for a replacement. Instead of wasting time trying to find the replacement remote in your town, it might be a better idea to take the search online! That way, you won’t be limited by location and can literally search all over the world to find your replacement! Chances are, you won’t have to look very far anyway and will still be able to find your replacement remote! Once you do, just wait for it to be shipped and once you have it, program it to your car using the instructions it comes with and you’ll have a brand new, working remote in no time!

Head over to the dealership
If you don’t want to wait that long for a replacement set of keys, you can also try heading over to the official dealership that makes your car. They will have adequate information about your car and the car remote and should be able to get you a replacement. Even if they don’t have one in-store at the time, they would be able to order it directly from the factory too. So you can get it right there, or at a later date. The great part is that once they have the remote, they can also just program it for you right there and then! However, this option is going to be the most expensive one out of them all, so you might want to account for that too.

Try a locksmith
Even though the common thought is that locksmiths are only for traditional locks and keys, they actually do car remotes too! You can easily walk into a Locksmith Birmingham or any recommended locksmith in your general area and have them get you a key replacement! They usually stock car remotes and will be experts at programming the remotes as well. So you can have both things done at the same time easily! This will also most likely be the cheapest way to go, which makes it the best one too!

Author: Full Editorial